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  • Industry people can never ignore the necessity of utilizing the recent advances in translation technology. One of the reasons for that is we are living in an environment that the demand for multilingual content increases. On the other hand, higher costs and turnaround times have an effect on the production volume. In that regard, Transistent offers translation & linguistic quality automation services to reduce your production costs, turnaround times and to increase your productivity.

    Thanks to our well-trained linguistic quality team, we help you in achieving high quality translated output from Human Translation, Machine Translation, and Hybrid production workflows. We implement industry standards and maintain objective and standardized quality results; that's the way how we handle the quality procedures.
    Transistent, which is an affiliation of EDU Language Group, is the first establishment focusing on machine translation and quality automation services in Turkey and the Middle East. We have the experience, Know-How, and talents required to make you adopt recent advances in translation technology.
    Don’t miss out to be a rising star in the industry!
    TAUS is a resource center for the global language and translation industries. TAUS's mission is to increase the size and significance of the translation industry to help the world communicate better.
    The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the world's leading trade association for the language industry. As a non-profit organization, we provide resources, education, advocacy, and research for thousands of global companies. GALA's vision is to be the voice for the language industry and the resource for the language enterprise. 
    GliderPath is a software that simplifies translation companies work by automating the most painful and time consuming tasks of management and enabling project managers and translators to work together effortlessly. is a leading SaaS based machine translation platform that enables users to develop and manage customized machine translation engines in the cloud. The innovative technologies offered on the platform enable users to easily build MT engines in over 750 language combinations, seamlessly integrating into localization workflows and web applications. KantanMT is based in the INVENT Building, DCU Campus, Dublin 9, Ireland.
    Memsource is an API-enabled translation environment that supports over 40 file formats.It includes translation memory, integrated machine translation and terminology management, in addition to a web-based and desktop translator’s editor. Some of the world’s leading translation agencies use the environment for mission-critical projects. In total, more than 40,000 Memsource users translate over 100 million words every month.Memsource offers powerful features, yet it is lightweight, intuitive and fast.

    EDU Çeviri was founded in 2005, in Istanbul Turkey and opened its branch at Dusseldorf Germany in 2013. EDU Çeviri is a professional translation & localization company that provides translation services in all world languages and fields of specialization such as technical, law, commercial, medical, automotive, literary and academic.
    Turkish Translation Office (TTO) was established in Istanbul in 2008 by EDU Çeviri with the mission of becoming the first translation office that comes to mind when it comes to Turkish for the International Market. Having pretty much achieved the foregoing mission, TTO has achieved popular status in the global translation arena with the investments it made and technologies it developed and utilized. 
    DPP is a complete marketing solutions company, providing help to companies to maintain their market presence at a minimal cost. DPP consist of a team of experienced professionals, who have variety of experience working in the print, design, distribution and translation industries. DPP provides professional marketing solutions in a variety of fields to; International Educational Institutions, Pharmaceutical Cooperation’s, Travel and Tourism industry, Cosmetics Companies and more.
    Education World Studying Abroad Company, which operates as one of the business lines of EDU Group, is a professional consultancy firm that aims to provide the most suitable and effective school alternatives for the people according to their goals and conditions. By being one of the leader firms in its sector, Education World gives consultancy service about education and accommodation in every country, especially in England, USA, Australia, Canada, Malta, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Sweden.
    Mailmarketer is a member of group of companies of EduGrup. Providing a fast and wide solutions of email marketing in IT business for the companies is the main target of Mailmarketer. With its own state of art mail servers Mailmarketer specilized in various business sectors. Sending and confirming mails with a confidentially checking up system is much more easier with Mailmarketer now.
    Creating and desinging your company's images is a part of existing in both real and virtual world of internet. With its years of experiences AjansPlus makes your websites are more professional looking and viewers friendly.

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