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What Is Interpreting?

The oldest tradition in translation is spoken translation, i.e. interpreting. Interpreting is the process of translating a message from a source language to a target language verbally. It is therefore different from translation and is a separate field of expertise in its own right.

Unlike translation, interpreting offers no chance to go back and check or correct the translation. Therefore, in addition to having an excellent command of the subject, the interpreter should be fluent in the source and target languages.

Additionally, he or she should have an exceptional memory and advanced note-taking skills.

What types of interpreting are there?

Simultaneous interpreting is a process requiring technical equipment in which the translator speaks at the same time as the speaker or immediately after the speaker has finished talking. In consecutive interpreting, the speaker says a few sentences and gives a pause, allowing time for the interpreter to relay what has been said so far. Special equipment is not required here.

At Transistent, we offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services through our experienced interpreters. Consecutive interpreting is generally preferred for small business meetings, press conferences, police examinations, trials and technical discussion meetings, while simultaneous interpreting services are better suited to occasions such as seminars, conferences and large-scale events.

Simply get in contact with us for our interpreting services available in any field or topic and we can be #YourAccessToTheWorld!

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is often preferred for small-scale events, such as press conferences, business meetings, or trials, and does not require special equipment to be set up.

The speaker says a few sentences and gives a pause. The interpreter then relays what has been said in the target language. Without the need for technical equipment, consecutive interpreting presents a less costly alternative to simultaneous interpretation.

Many sectors ranging from state institutions to popular brands use our consecutive interpreting services. Did you know that we offer interpreting services for global brands such as Adobe, Novo Nordisk, Global Real Estate Institue, Chanel, and Puma?

Simultaneous Interpreting

When simultaneous interpretation is required at a conference, seminar or official meeting, the equipment needs to be set up beforehand and all technical requirements should be met to ensure a seamless process.

The interpreter will sit in an interpreting booth, listen to what is said through headphones and translate the content immediately, reading into the microphone in the target language. The participants watching the speaker wear headphones and can then hear everything in real time in a language they can understand. Generally, two conference interpreters are present at these events.

Among many institutions and organizations we offer simultaneous interpreting services for are The Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Standart Chartered Bank, Pierre Cardin, Euromarche.

Simultaneous Interpretation System Rental

We are at your service with our technical support and equipment services and our expert interpreters for international congresses,conferences and seminars as well as other events such as dealer meetings, openings and training sessions!

Hearing and understanding speakers in a successfully held event depends on the correct preparation and functioning of the equipment as well as the skills of the interpreter.

Our simultaneous interpreting system rental services include a special translation cabinet with sound isolation, audio systems,headphones for the interpreters, and headphones for listeners.

Some of the big companies we provide system renting services for include: Habertürk, Novo Nordisk, Acıbadem Hospital, Abdi İbrahim and Sheraton.