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What Is Localization?

What do companies wishing to speak the same language as their target audience need? Localization.

In today’s globalized world, simply translating one language into another isn’t always enough to establish cross-cultural relations. That’s because every language and every field has its own stylistic and cultural framework, as well as its own forms of expression that change according to the context. Hence why localization plays a huge role when it comes to establishing the correct communication and relationship with your target audience.

At Transistent, we work with experts who have an excellent command of the language, culture and subject at hand. We don’t just go for the easiest or literal translation, instead we find an expression that stirs the same emotions in your target foreign audience as your local audience to really make sure you succeed at getting your message across.

What types of projects require localization?

We most commonly provide localization services in sales and marketing texts, software applications, websites, media content, such as films and TV series, as well as games and literary texts.

Contact us to receive more info on our localization services and let us be #YourAccessToTheWorld!

Website Localization

The internet has no borders in the global world. When you’re introducing your products and services to the whole world, it all starts with translating your website. By adapting your content to suit the particulars of the targetlanguageandculturethrough localization, you can ensure that you are one step ahead of your competitors and that your message really appeals to foreign audiences.

The wide range of brands we offer website localization services for include retail companies such as Migros, Macro Center; banks such as Akbank, HSBC, RBS that require a confidentiality agreement and many companies from the textile and retail sector such asDecathlon, LC Waikiki, IKEA.

Software Localization

Picture the scene: you’re confident with your software and you’re ready to go global. But first you need to establish the right communication with your target audience. How are you going to go about doing this? Success in this area depends on effective, direct communication with your target audience, and building the right reputation for yourself. Software localization, involves applications adjusted to the usage habits of your target audience to make sure that you establish yourself properly on the global stage.

We especially localize software with our multinational clients such as IKEA, LC Waikiki, RBS, Kuveyt Turk, HSBC, Decathlon, and Logo.

Video Content Localization

When creating your company’s adverts, training andintroductory videos, to be able to reach the target audience and have the maximum impact, you need to speak the same language as them, not just linguistically, but also culturally.

If you are looking to get your videos trending and drum up the maximum level of interest, make sure to use our localization services.

Would you like to become one of the big brands such as IKEA, Michelin, KMPG, Decathlon and PwC whom we offer translation and interpreting as well as multimedia and localization services?