Professional Services

What professional translation services do we offer?

We define ourselves as a full-service translation and localization agency. Therefore, our multi-dimensional structure supports our translation and localization services, and we work hard to keep you satisfied at every stage of the process.

Our teams work hard and take the utmost care to deliver all of these services and stand by your side as #YourAccessToTheWorld!

  1. Multimedia Services

    You can also make use of our multimedia translation services, such as subtitle translations and transcriptions.

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  2. Desktop Publishing Services

    Our Desktop Publishing Department prepares your translations in whatever format you need and guarantees perfect visual quality.

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  3. Post-Edit

    If you have raw machine translation output, you can make use of our post-editing services and decrease your costs.

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  1. Infrastructure Compatible with the Newest Technologies

    We have translation memory management systems, and can keep and manage translation memories unique to you, providing you with high-quality deliveries.

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  2. Quality Control Processes

    Whether the project involves machine translation or human translation, all our output is run through detailed quality controlled processes according to a zero error principle.

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Multimedia Services

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Voiceover
  • Video Content Localization
You can use our transcription services to have videos and audio recordings of any events, such as conferences, radio and TV shows, and seminars, turned into text form by transcription specialists who use special software in their work.
We can also adapt the transcribed version of your video and audio recordings or any already existing texts into subtitle format, as well as translate those into any language and embed the subtitles onto your videos.
Besides transcription and subtitling processes, our multimedia services also include dubbing.
When creating your company’s adverts, training and introductory videos, to be able to reach the target audience and have the maximum impact, you need to speak the same language as them, not just linguistically, but also culturally. If you are looking to get your videos trending and drum up the maximum level of interest, make sure to use our localization services.

Quality Control

Translation is a long process, involving research and production stages. But, as with all work carried out by humans, it is never possible to completely avoid some errors and omissions. It’s for that very reason that we work within a highly detailed quality management system at Transistent.

As a requirement of our quality assurance approach, before we start a project, we conduct the necessary planning. This includes making sure we choose the right resources and also creating term bases and style guides. Then, when the translation is complete, without any exceptions, we run the output text through a quality control process which has several stages.

With this advanced quality approach which covers the processes before and after translation and our zero error policy, we can confidently say that we provide our customers with the best results possible.

Automated Quality Control Processes

The first quality control service we provide on the path towards the perfect translation is the automated quality control process.

Our specialized translation tools allow us to check translated texts quickly and in microscopic detail and to correct any errors detected.

Quality Models

The quality of a translation can only be measured by having a consistent system and quality approach.

As a part of our professional translation services, we use quality models that are well-recognized and widely used in our industry to measure the quality of translations objectively and to specify the parameters of quality.

Terminology Management

Terminology management is one of the major processes that impacts the quality of a translation, and ensures that the translation meets expectations.

To maintain consistency with terminology, and to adjust the translation according to its target audience, an effective terminology management approach should be developed and adopted.

Translation Memory Management

Thanks to our translation memory management, we create archives specific to the customer for each of their projects.

Previously completed translations are stored within translation tools and act as guidelines for the next translation, enabling us to be faster and error-free.