Translation is a process that consists of several stages, each requiring its own expertise. At Transistent, we assign our translation projects to experienced translators specialized in the source text’s subject matter, and conduct the necessary research to ensure we employ the correct terminology.

We make use of computer-assisted translation tools to speed up the translation process and to achieve error-free results. Then, in accordance with our zero error policy, our experienced editors and proofreaders check the target text and put the final touches to it.


The oldest tradition in translation is spoken translation, i.e. interpreting. Interpreting is the process of translating a message from a source language to a target language verbally. It is therefore different from translation and is a separate field of expertise in its own right.

At Transistent, we offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services through our experienced interpreters. Consecutive interpreting is generally preferred for small business meetings, press conferences, police examinations, trials and technical discussion meetings, while simultaneous interpreting services are better suited to occasions such as seminars, conferences and large-scale events.


What do companies wishing to speak the same language as their target audience need? Localization.

At Transistent, we work with experts who have an excellent command of the language, culture and subject at hand. We don’t just go for the easiest or literal translation, instead we find an expression that stirs the same emotions in your target foreign audience as your local audience to really make sure you succeed at getting your message across.

Professional Services

At Transistent, there are various departments functioning in the background that make our professional standard translations possible. We have designed all of our processes with a customer-oriented approach, and deliver a translation service that meets global standards.

  • Transcription
  • Subtitling
  • Voiceover
  • Video Content Localization
Transcribing video and voice recordings
Translation of transcribed texts, their subtitling and placement of the subtitles on videos
Voice-over services in addition to transcription and subtitling processes
Localization services to help your videos reach your target audience
Desktop Publishing

Whether you need them in printed or digital form, our desktop publishing services mean that we can deliver your translations in their original formats.

Many formats such as books, brochures, and user manuals have their own visual design requirements. Our Desktop Publishing Department makes sure that all your documents are transferred into the digital environment and then gets your completed translations ready for printing and performs final visual checks.


There are of course huge differences between raw machine translation and human translation. Although the requirements of different projects can change, when the expectations for a machine translation are high, the post-edit function should come into effect.

We offer post-editing services for both the output obtained from our own machine translation engines and from engines we customized for you here at Transistent, and for the raw output that you deliver to us.

Quality Control

Translation is a long process, involving research and production stages. But, as with all work carried out by humans, it is never possible to completely avoid some errors and omissions.

As the requirement of our quality assurance approach, before we start a project, we conduct the necessary planning. This includes making sure we choose the right resources and also creating term bases and style guides. Then, when the translation is complete, without any exceptions, we run the output text through a quality control process which has several stages.