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What Is Translation?

Translation is a process that consists of several stages, each requiring its own expertise. At Transistent, we assign our translation projects to experienced translators specialized in the source text’s subject matter, and conduct the necessary research to ensure we employ the correct terminology.

We make use of computer-assisted translation tools to speed up the translation process and to achieve error-free results. Then, in accordance with our zero error policy, our experienced editors and proofreaders check the target text and put the final touches to it.

What Are the Fields of Translation?

We usually receive requests for the translation of texts in the legal, commercial, maritime, technical, medical, academic and literary fields. But our services are not limited to the above. No matter what your industry, you can grow your business by using our translation services available in all language pairs and in any kind of format, from books and brochures, to magazines and user manuals.



Due to the specifics of the automotive industry, the scope of translation in this field is wide and requires specialization in different subjects. Automotive industry translation can involve various types of texts such as user manuals, product and spare part catalogues, marketing texts and engineering texts, and each of these has its own linguistic requirements.

Would you like to become one of the big brands such as Isuzu, Hyundai, Renault, Tırsan for whom we provide services in these areas?

Information Technology & Electronics Translations

As we move forward in the Web 4.0 age, the fields of information technology and electronics become ever more important. It is therefore inevitable that in every industry and in each of our daily lives there will be a need for translations requiring a knowledge of information technology and electronics. Luckily, with our expert translators in these fields we can provide the services to answer this demand.

Although information technology is a very broad industry, we offer quality translations in every sector. Among the companies we serve are Asus, Turkey’s telecommunication giants TTNet and Türk Telekom as well as software companies such as Logo and Amadeus.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences covers many sub-fields, such as pharmaceuticals, biomedical technology and biotechnology, requiring significant expertise and detailed knowledge. At Transistent, we have the proficiency to provide translation services for all kinds of texts in this field, including medical and microbiological research, official and technical documents related to medical devices, medical articles and documents, and clinical reports.

The companies we provide medical translations for include brands like AbbVie, Novartis, Sandoz and Roche.

Business & Finance

Financial texts employ unique, conceptual and complex terminology and language. At Transistent, we work with translators who are specialized in the fields of economics, banking and accounting. We are there for you with our services in the field of business and finance, including the translation of financial reports, policies, financial correspondence and commercial texts.

The companies we provide services for translation of financial texts include global brands such as Bank of Tokyo, PwC, KPMG, McKinsey, Mapfre, Kuveyt Turk.


When it comes to marketing, we know that you need to establish a special relationship with your target audience and avoid any linguistic or cultural marketing blunders.

We provide services for Inditex that incorporates global brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho as well as many other world-renowned brands such as Decathlon, LC Waikiki, Douglas, Hayat Kimya, and Migros.


Texts in the legal field of translation should be handled with extreme care. Legal translation involves complex syntax and terminology, and any errors can have serious legal consequences. We translate many official documents that you need for legal processes, such as legislation, birth certificates, policies, court decisions and minutes, certificates and company statutes.

In the field of legal translations, we offer translation services for companies such as Aksan Law Office, Pekin & Bayar, Gün Law Office, Koclu & Antonetti and many others.


Maritime translation relates to the translation of all documents on technical matters such as shipping and ship building and maintenance, as well as documents related to international maritime law.

We have proven our specialization in the field of maritime translations through services offered to organizations such as the Turkey Maritime Undersecretariat, the Turkish Loyd and MSC!


Translations in the field of energy covers all contracts and official/business correspondence covering every area of the energy industry, from plant construction and specifications, to heavy duty machinery and other equipment.

Did you know that we provide translation services for various companies in the energy sector, such as SOCAR dealing in oil and gas, and Alarko, the leader in climatization?


Academic translation encompasses a very broad range of subjects and therefore fluency in the target language is not sufficient on its own. The translator must also be familiar with academic writing style and the subject of the paper. At Transistent, we pay meticulous care when putting together translations of your theses, research papers and articles, and at the same time can translate any academic publications that you intend to use as a source.

Did you know that Boğaziçi University, Gaziantep University, Balıkesir University and Çukurova University who are among the best universities in Turkey, have chosen us as their solution partner to meet their translation requirements?


At Transistent we translate all types of technical documents related to machinery, construction and mechanics that require technical expertise with our specialized translators.

XEROX, FANUC, Wavin Pilsa, Goodyear, Michelin, General Electric and many others work with us for their technical translation needs. Would you like to become one of the world brands we offer technical translation solutions for?

Hotel Management and Tourism

Translation is not a luxury for the tourism sector, but an indispensable necessity. But speaking a foreign language is not enough; the quality of the translation is also very important when it comes to travel, accommodation and tourism. By representing you as the perfect host, we stand by your side with all of our translation solutions to ensure that your guests are welcomed with impeccable hospitality!

We are proud to have big names such as The Ritz Carlton, Elite World Hotels, and Mesa in our portfolio.