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Armenian Translation Services

Notarized professional Armenian translation and other lingual services

As a member of the Indian-European language family, Armenian is spoken by 6.7 million people. With its own alphabet, the language also has literary works dating back to 5th century.

At Transistent Translation Bureau, we offer Armenian translation and interpretation services. We meet the translation requests in various combinations such as Armenian-English, Armenian-Turkish, English-Armenian.

You can contact us to receive service from native Armenian translators.

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Armenian Translation Services

Arabic Translation Memory Management

Armenian Translation

We offer translation services for official files, correspondences, application documents, immigration documents or academic articles. We deliver the translated projects in certified or notarized format based on your choice.


We offer translations with high accuracy rate in special texts such as medical, academic, technical, literary and legal thanks to our translators that are experts in their field.


We, Transistent Translation Bureau, have identified our priorities based on satisfaction criteria of our customers. Therefore we deliver translations to our customers after subjecting them to processes such as quality control, editing and proofreading.

Armenian Localization

With Armenian localization services, we enable our partners to reach their potential customers in the best way. So far we have completed hundreds of projects in many fields from mobile apps to e-commerce with our localization experts.


Armenian localization services are preferred by the companies targeting the Armenian market during both the processes of adaptation to market and marketing. Besides, we also offer the advantage of managing your projects online 24/7 thanks to our client portal!


Armenian Localization Services:

Armenian Localization Services

Use our quality Armenian translation services for competitive prices!

Albanian Interpreting Services

Armenian Interpreting Services

At Transistent, we are aware how much it matters for our partners to communicate with their customers verbally. Therefore we offer services with our interpreter team specialized in interpreting.


In conferences, seminars, symposiums or panels where you need interpreting, we are happy to serve you with interpreting services as well as simultaneous equipment rental.

Armenian interpreting services:

You are under the roof of Transistent with an insurance coverage of USD 50,000.
The quality of our translation services is certified by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001.
We work with dedicated translators for each project with more than 2500 professional translators.
Your files are in good hands thanks to our confidentiality and security infrastructure.
You can track your projects with translation and customer management systems.

Kullandığımız Teknolojiler

We, Transistent Translation Bureau, use technology to enable high quality in lingual services, organize rapidly and offer technological solutions for the needs of our customers.


You can access detailed information about your project and control your project thanks to our client portal.


Armenian information technology translation

Why Choose Transistent?

We are a translation bureau that has proven its service quality with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certificates.


We offer services in all language pairs with our international memberships such as TAUS, GALA, ATA, ELIA and +2500 translator network of Transistent across the world.


We provide rapid and quality translation services thanks to our experienced and expert project management team without compromising on confidentiality and security.

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