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Game Localization

We offer premium quality game localization solutions for your games with our experienced translators who are also enthusiastic gamers themselves!

At Transistent all your gaming content will be localized especially for its intended market in line with our professional standards.

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Why does translation matter for the gaming industry?

The following figures show the amount of video games that were developed just within the last year, according to statistics provided at Game Developers Conference 2018.

Desktop Computer Games0%
Smartphone and Tablet Games0%
Gaming Consoles0%
Virtual Reality Games0%
Web Browser Games0%

No wonder this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world!

In the gaming sector, actual growth is not seen in the increase in the local market share, but rather through the increase in global growth. Consequently, gaming companies that are focused on success usually want to appeal to as many gamers around the globe as possible. And the way to reach different cultures and age groups around the world is through quality game localization solutions.

Professional Game Localization

Game translation

Although games might seem like they’re only an entertainment tool, they actually offer a virtual reality experience that opens the door to whole new worlds and brings together different fields in surprising new ways. During game localization, the reality in the game environment is rebuilt for each language and culture. The best way to accomplish this task is by working with linguists with a background in gaming who are familiar with the terminology and who not only have the language expertise, but who can also think like a gamer.

Since each game has its own imaginary world and scenario, the translator should be familiar with the cultures and lifestyles of both the source and target audiences, as well as the cultural concepts and ideas embedded in the game.

The solutions we offer for game translations are not merely about translating the in-game dialogues.

We offer the following linguistic gaming solutions

In-game character localization


Game scenario and storyline localization

Special powers, toolsamp; and equipment localization

Strategies and map localization

Game interface localization

Marketing and advertising text translation

Website and blog content translation

Game software translation

Your questions

What is game localization?

Game localization is the process of translating and adapting the content of a game to local languages of target players based on the parameters such as legal requirements and formal properties.

What does game culturalization mean?

Game culturalization is taking a step further by going beyond of localization and adapting the game to the local culture by paying attention to all cultural components (religion, history, belief and other preferences) of the target country or the region to increase the engagement of players.

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