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We offer professional transcription solutions through our language experts using special programs. You can get a free quote to get services in many different areas, such as legal transcription, medical transcription, and conference transcription!

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What is Transcription and how is it done?

Transcription is a service that is often needed where multiple speakers conduct long talks, making it challenging for the entire content to be transcribed.

In organizations where transcription is required, audio and video recordings are done as quality as possible. When transcribing content delivered to us via CD or cassettes in a digital environment, voice recording is first listened to carefully and then transcribed by our experts. The records that are transcribed are subject to quality controls in terms of spelling, dates, and numbering.

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You can contact us to use our translation services for transcribed voice recordings!

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Transcription Service

Professional Transcription Services

You can use our transcription services to have videos and audio recordings of any events, such as conferences, radio and TV shows, and seminars transcribed by our specialists who use special software in their work. During the transcription process, variables such as the quality of the voice recordings, the accent of the speakers and the number of people speaking, as well as the subject area, are the most important factors impacting the completion of the project. Thanks to the special transcription programs we use, we complete the transcription process by improving the quality of the sound recordings! You can transfer your recordings to us in digital media via CDs or cassettes.

Most Popular Transcription Services

Transcription for in-house training videos

Transcription for interviews and career interviews

Transcription for conferences, panel discussions and seminars

Transcription for business meetings, presentations and webinars

Transcription services for courts

Transcription for criminal inquiries and statements

Transcription for TV and radio programs

Transcription for live broadcasts and interviews

Transcription for phone talks and agreements

File formats for transcription

  • MP3/MP4
  • CD, DVD, VHS
  • Cassettes

Your questions

What is transcription?

Transcription is the process of converting an audio or video recording into texts. There are currently two main ways of transcribing an audiovisual content: using speech to text technologies or human transcribers. Another option would be adopting a hybrid workflow where human transcribers work on a script initially transcribed by automatic speech recognition software to increase the overall quality while speeding up the process.

What is a professional transcription service?

Professional transcription services rely on human transcribers where professional transcribers listen to a recording and create the script accordingly. Main advantage of using professional transcription is that it helps to produce accurate transcripts for the recordings with multiple speakers and poor sound quality.

What is an automated transcription service?

Automated transcription services are provided with the help of automatic speech recognition or speech to text software where audiovisual content is automatically transcribed. Although these tools might provide speed and cost advantage over human transcribers, the output quality usually declines and is less accurate.

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