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Translation of Official Documents

Choose Transistent for secure and fast translation solutions and special deals for official document translations!

Specializing in translation of all types of official papers and legal documents, our translation agency is a professional language service provider that values client privacy and security, committed to offering its clients a quality service with zero errors!

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What is Document Translation?

All customers have documents that must be approved by government authorities or whose validity should be both internationally or nationally documented. We need official documents when opening a new workplace, starting a new business, managing multi-layered business processes such as production and sales, performing international trade activities, dealing with legal issues or issues concerning education, using our rights as citizens, simply in almost all areas concerning the state and its institutions.

It is a fact that borders have disappeared due to globalization, but all documents required in overseas transactions must be available in the target language.

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Document Translation
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How should official documents be translated?

The translation of documents is a process that must only be done by professionals in this field. Because any inaccuracies or missing information may cause a document not to be certified. In such cases, visa applications may not be accepted, business processes may be disrupted and problems may arise with the exercise of citizenship rights.

At Transistent, we offer english official document translation services through experienced linguists with at least 5 years’ of industry experience who are experts in their field and have great command of terminology! Also, we offer a fast translation service for your documents through same-day or free delivery!

Choose Transistent if you wish to work with a fast and reliable translation agency that offers service at affordable prices and values your privacy and security. Feel free to contact us for any questions or queries!

Contact us for your urgent translation requirements if you are looking for a reliable partner to work with!

The Most Translated Documents in the Context of Official Document Translations

Apostille translations

Translation of academic documents

Translation of accreditation documents

Translation of bank account documents

Translation of diplomas

Translation of birth certificates

Translation of driver’s licenses

Translation of marriage certificates

Translation of paperwork

Translation of forms

Translation of guarantee documents

Translation of general principles

Translation of circulars

Translation of confidential paperwork

Translation of confidential documents

Translation of residence documents

Translation of signatory circulars

Translation of certificates

Translation of printed documents

Translation of payslips

Translation of legislation

Translation of civil registry documents

Translation of student certificates / temporary student certificates

Translation of death certificates

Translation of motions

Translation of private paperwork

Translation of passports

Translation of police appeals

Translation of licenses

Translation of criminal records

Translation of transcripts

Translation of registration documents

Translation of conformity certificates

Translation of certificates of competency

Translation of visa documents

Translation of tax documents

Translation of certificates of identity register copy

Questions That Need to Be Asked to Get Quality Translation Services

What stages does my project go through before it is delivered?

We follow our standard workflow procedures for all translation requests from our clients. We can briefly summarize the process from receipt of the request to delivery of the translation as follows:

1. Translation Request

2. Price Offer and Approval

3. Task delegation

4. Translation

5. Editorial Checks

6. Checks by the Proofreader

7. DTP Check

8. Delivery

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What quality control steps do you implement to ensure an error-free translation?

In the field of translation, we have the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certificates that set the quality management standards. We manage the entire process from price quote to delivery of the project using our standard work steps. You can find more information about our work processes in section “What processes does my project go through before delivery?”.

Can you provide me with a report showing the changes made by your editors and proofreaders?

If the service agreement also contains an editorial check and proofreading, we provide all clients with a change report as evidence of the QA processes we implement.

Dou you have in-house translators, editors and native linguists?

We have an experienced team of in-house translators, editors and proofreaders. We assign the most relevant linguist for translations tasks requested by our clients, considering the language pair and area of expertise. Completed translation projects are reviewed by a native editor before delivery, to achieve the optimum quality and fluency in the target language.

Do you have the chance for real-time tracking of freelance translation projects? How do you ensure the protection of private data?

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with every freelance linguist we work with. Translation tasks are assigned to translators and editors through our translation management platform. Our project and quality management has real-time access to the progress of translation projects.

Do you have any kind of translation insurance that cover possible financial losses caused by translation mistakes?

All delivered projects are processed in accordance with our quality assurance policy. We provide 50.000 USD translation insurance for possible problems that may cause financial loss to our clients because of translation mistakes.

Do you have a secure portal for your clients, where we can have real-time access to the progress, project details and reports?

We provide private all of our clients with private access to our client portal, which is integrated with the translation management system. Our clients can send new requests through this portal and track details of on-going and completed projects. Upon request, we also share volumes of translations works, payments, total number of requests and other details with our clients for specified periods.

Is the client references shared on your website up-to-date?

We sign a service contract with every client we work with. All lists of references shared on our website are up-to-date lists of our clients that receive services specified by service contracts.

Your questions

What is the importance of translating business documents?

If you are an international company operating in different regions or would like to expand into new markets, you will need to have your business related documents and contents translated to enable communication in different languages. Hence, business document translation is one of the main pillars of your communication with your local offices and partners.

Does document translation cover certified translation as well?

Document translation services do not usually offered packed with certified or sworn translation. That’s why you do not necessarily receive certified translations when you buy this service alone.

How can I receive official or certified translation for my documents?

In case you need officially recognized translations for your documents, you can get notarized or sworn translation services where translated documents are certified by notary public or authorized sworn translators respectively.

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