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Kyrgyz Translation Services

Desktop publishing, localization, translation-interpreting, and quality control services

Spoken by 4.3 million Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz belong to the Kipchak branch of Turkish languages. Kyrgyz is written with the Arabic and Cyril alphabets. Use of many different alphabets throughout the history has changed the pronunciation of words substantially.

We provide Kyrgyz translation services with our translators that are experts in the field. We offer high quality translation service thanks to our Kyrgyz translators experienced in translation and interpreting and expert project managers.

We serve in tens of language pairs such as Kyrgyz-Turkish and French-Kyrgyz with our linguists that are educated and experienced in your industry. Contact us for a free quote 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Kyrgyz Translation Services

Kyrgyz Translation Services


We offer notarized or certified translation services for official documents you need in Kyrgyzstan. You can use our spotless translation services provided by translators who can work with Cyril or Arabic alphabets.


Our translation teams carry out their work based on the type of your file. At Transistent, we have an organized professional service to provide quality in all fields of translation.


Translation types we provide are as follows:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
Azerbaijani Translation Services

Multimedia Services


We offer services such as transcription, voice-over and visual content localization with our multimedia department working on visual and auditory media projects. We also provide Kyrgyz subtitling and subtitle creation services for film, series and video contents.


We help our customers in the desired file formats with our infrastructure that can operate with all file extensions which are commonly used in this field.


We send demos from our voice actors for our voice-over service and use the voice they prefer for their projects. Contact our team immediately and get the opportunity to work with the most suitable voice actors for your videos of all kinds with different subjects.


Multimedia services we provide:

Get the best prices for Kyrgyz lingual services in only a few minutes!

Kyrgyz Digital Marketing Content Localization


Digital marketing content is the key point of getting the return on the energy spent in digital marketing. The language used in the content should be addressed to the target audience as well as in a perfect tongue.


We offer Kyrgyz localization services with staff that are experts in digital marketing contents. You can contact us for 24/7 if you want to use the marketing strategies of our age in order to open up to the world.


At Transistent we value the targets of our customers. We always stand by our clients that want to enter new markets with our quality and rapid language solutions!


Other localization services:

Albanian Digital Marketing Services
With quality control services, we only transmit files once we are certain of the quality.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
Artificial intelligence assisted machine translation systems enables you to get reliable and fast results.
Your files are in good hands thanks to the infrastructure we have built for privacy and information security.
At Transistent, project coordinators work so as to respond to your requests 24/7.

Industrial Translation Solutions


We understand the importance of communication in multilingual structures of international companies. We know that each industry has different needs. Therefore we work with experienced translators with industrial specialization at Transistent.


We set up expert teams in Kyrgyz translations in line with the needs of the company. We are a translation bureau that serves hundreds of companies in tens of different fields such as insurance, law, tourism, automotive, food, production, media and logistics, and have proved ourselves by establishing long-term collaborations.

Kyrgyz Industry Translation

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