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Turkmen Translation Services

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Having nearly 7 million speakers, Turkmen is the official language of Turkmenistan. As one of the Turkish languages, Turkmen is a language that is mutually understandable with Turkish and Azerbaijani. Turkmen is also spoken by minorities in Iran, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Russia. The writing system is in the Latin alphabet however Cyril alphabet is used at times.

We deliver our Turkmen translation solutions after the quality control processes are performed by native Turkmen translators and editors.  You may get translation services at high standards from dedicated teams for each project in language pairs such as Turkmen-English and French-Turkmen.

At Transistent we value the comfort of our customers. Therefore we built an infrastructure that can operate in all file formats. You can track your projects 24/7 and view your invoices on the client portal where you can manage your projects.

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Turkmen Translation Services

Turkmen Notarized Translation


We deliver notarized official documents to be used in Turkmenistan.


We serve with interpreters who have experience in terminology as to very quickly and fluently complete written translation requests. We also conduct quality assessment activities with local editors and deliver verified files to our clients.


You can contact us to get more information about the cost and speed advantage reaching up to 50% in your projects with artificial intelligence assisted machine translation which is one of the latest translation technologies and just one result of the technologic investments we have made.

Notary Persian Translation
Azerbaijani Translation Services

Turkmen Multimedia Services


We work with all audio and video files in multimedia services. We provide information regarding the project process in continuous contact with our customers in services such as subtitle, voiceover, deciphering, video content localization, visual localization.


We have the technology that can work on poor audio recordings in transcription projects. Bringing innovative solutions to all the demands of our partners in Transistent is one of our primary objectives.

Get the best prices for Turkmen lingual services in only a few minutes!

Mobile App Localization Services


Applications used by mobile users are more rapidly adopted when they are offered in their native language. Therefore multilingual options are provided in applications as a common strategy.


We work with professional localization experts in the translation processes of mobile apps. We localize the target language in a way that users are familiar with in applications and ensure that they reach more people.


You can introduce your brand to much more people by using Turkmen effectively in the Turkmen market. A wide range of localization activities are performed including websites, software, digital marketing contents, e-commerce and video games.

Dutch Mobile App Localization
We offer the most rapid solutions with translation and customer management systems.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Turkmen editors.
We care about safety. Your information is safe with us thanks to our most advanced software and experts.

Solutions to Increase Quality in Turkmen Texts


We leverage the experience of local translators to increase the quality of texts. Works only verified by Transistent editors are delivered to our clients.


In quality control services, we review many elements that provide fluency in texts such as meaning and punctuation, misspellings, etc.


Quality control services we provide:

Turkmen quality control services

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