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Nepali Translation Services

Interpreting, localization, translation, and creative services.

Spoken by an average of 25 million people, Nepali is the official language in Nepal and India. Sanskrit has an important effect on the creation process of this language. As one of the Indian languages, Nepal uses the Devanagari writing system. 44.6% of the Nepal population uses this as their native language.

The language spoken by the target group is quite important in translation services for it is used as the native tongue of nearly half of the Nepalese population. Because 10 different languages are spoken in Nepal in addition to Nepali.

We work with expert teams for tens of language pairs such as Nepali-Turkish and English-Nepali as part of our lingual services as Transistent. We follow the current developments in the translation industry with our international memberships such as ATA and GALA. You can contact use for your certified or notarized translation needs.

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Nepali Translation Services

Expert Translation Teams


We set up teams based on the specialization of translators in translation services. We use the client portal system in order for you to continuously stay in touch with teams assigned according to the project.


We care about the privacy and security of documents you send us. Therefore we work with significant cyber security programs and experts.


Translation types we provide are as follows:

English Language Expert
Albanian Interpreting Services

Nepali Interpreting


Would you like to work with experienced translators in interpreting? Transistent uses the interpreting experience of its 2500 translators to enable its clients to excellently communicate.


We have quite a broad field of work in interpreting. You can request interpreting for hospitals, courts, live broadcasts, meetings, tours, seminars and conferences.

Get the best prices for Nepali lingual services in only a few minutes!

Multilingual Website Solutions


We offer website localization services for corporate websites, e-commerce websites and blogs. Translators experienced in this field conduct projects in line with the language of the target group while considering the search engines at the same time.


We start the website localization projects by analyzing keywords in the target language. Once we learn the exact translation of the available keyword in the target language, we complete the translation process on site contents, menus, sub headings, picture captions, picture names, meta descriptions and site maps.


The reason for conducting this extensive process is to enable a website that broadcasts in a new language to get organic visitors in a short time on search engines in a target language or target country.

Website Localization Services
With our quality control activities, we only deliver files once we are certain of their quality.
No matter what file extension you have, send it to us and let us start working.
We offer an insurance of USD 50,000 for the language services we provide.
Transistent is a translation bureau that is a member of international organizations such as ATA, GALA, TAIUS and ELIA.
We always keep in touch with our clients and translators by using cutting-edge technology.
Nepali export import translation

Import & Export Translations


We deliver quality by selecting translators with experience in your industry.


Would you like to receive a high quality translation service from our experienced teams who know the requirements and terminology of the import/export sector and are well acquainted with trade procedures for the best prices?


You can contact us at all times of the day to have a say in the global markets with our translation solutions.


Some types of import export documents:

  • Credit documents
  • Income tables
  • Dispatch
  • Trade documents
  • Policy
  • Tender specifications
  • Foreign trade documents
  • Signatory circulars
  • Sales reports
  • Commercial correspondence