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Over The Phone Interpreting

Get interpreting service on your phone anywhere and any time you want!

We remove all obstacles to communication with our over the phone interpreting services. Get interpreting services on your phone in all languages and areas.

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In all languages and fields

Over 1000 interpreting projects in 15 years


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What is Over The Phone Interpreting?

Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, communication no longer knows physical boundaries.

Communication solutions, which in the past were much more expensive or time-consuming, are an indispensable need today where even seconds count, considering the current state of telecommunications technologies.

In this context, professional over-the-phone interpreting is an extremely practical and cost-effective solution.

Interpreting solutions such as simultaneous and consecutive interpreting are more expensive solutions that require meetings in physical environments. While over-the-phone interpreting requires no such preparations.


How is over-the-phone-interpreting done?

During the over the phone interpreting process, which is done over the phone, one of the fastest communication methods, using voice or video call software, the interpreter listens to the speakers, takes their notes and relays them to the listener.

We work with experienced experts who employ a quality-oriented approach to your translation requirements. Contact us to benefit from our over-the-phone interpreting services, one of the most cost-effective translation solutions we have available!

In what cases is over-the-phone interpreting required?

Urgent translation requirements
Immigration processes
At hospitals and other health-centers
Administrative processes
Business meetings
Legal processes

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Over 1000 interpreting projects in 15 years

Over 1000 interpreting projects in 15 years

Urgent interpreting solutions

Urgent interpreting solutions

Cost and time savings

Cost and time savings

Fast and high-quality translation service

Fast and high-quality translation service

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