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Bosnian Translation and Localization

Bosnian interpreting, translation, and multimedia services at competitive prices

Bosnian is spoken by around 3 million people and written in the Latin alphabet. However, it has also been written in the Cyrillic, Arabic, and Persian alphabets. The language also contains many borrowed words both from Turkish and Arabic.

At Transistent, we provide professional translation services in the Bosnian-Turkish and English-Bosnian language pairs, among many others. We deliver quick and quality solutions thanks to our expert team of linguists who are also native speakers of Bosnian.

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Bosnian Linguistic Solutions

Arabic Translation Memory Management

Translation Services

We have a network of over 2500 professional translators providing sworn and notary certified translations. This means that we can help you with all kinds of official documentation, from university enrolment papers to citizenship applications.


Whether it’s legal, medical, technical, or literary content you need translating, we can assign the most suitable linguist according to the your linguistic needs and deliver high-quality solutions.


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Bosnian Interpreting Services

Are you looking to work with expert Bosnian interpreters? We provide consecutive, simultaneous, whispered, over-the-phone, and other interpreting services from Bosnian to tens of different languages at competitive prices.


You can also contact us to hire simultaneous interpreting equipment. Use our native Bosnian interpreting services anywhere from court hearings and hospitals, to business meetings.

Albanian Interpreting Services
Albanian Localization

Bosnian Localization

Besides translation tasks, we help companies planning to enter the Bosnian market to communicate with their target audience in their native language through our localization services.


These localization services cover a wide range of fields, including digital marketing and mobile apps, and are provided by our expert team of linguists.


Our Bosnian localization services:

What technologies do we use?

Industry-based solutions in Bosnian

We are aware of the importance of international communication for corporate organizations. For this reason, we have an expert team of linguists, each specialized in different sectors.


A partner of many leading brands and companies, Transistent keeps translation quality high and provides fast solutions through tailor-made translation memories and termbases.

Albanian Sectoral Translation

Why choose Transistent?

Quality certificates

The quality of our services is approved by the ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality certificates.

International memberships

Transistent is a member of several international organizations, including GALA, ATA, and TAUS.

Client portal

We keep in constant touch with our clients through the client portal and provide them with the latest information about their projects.

Insurance guarantee

We back up our services with translation insurance worth $50,000.

Hundreds of international companies

Hundreds of international companies trust Transistent’s successful structure.

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