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Lithuanian Translation Services

Professional Lithuanian notarized translation, localization, and interpreting.

As a member of the Baltic language family written with the Latin alphabet, Lithuanian is the official language of 3 million Lithuanians. Lithuanian is nearly the best preserved language among the European languages. Samogitiyen and Aukštaitian dialects are the two main dialects. The closest language to Lithuanian is Latvian, the language of its neighbor.

At Transistent, we offer Lithuanian translation services with competitive prices. While using artificial intelligence assisted machine translation systems as a first in Türkiye, we serve with experienced translators and quality simultaneous equipment in interpreting services.

If you wish, we can also check the quality of the texts you have and report them to you. Native Lithuanian editors check the quality of your academic, medical, literary texts and eliminate the possible grammar, word and meaning errors. Contact us for spotless texts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Lithuanian Translation Services

Danish Translation Editing

Professional Lithuanian Translation

At Transistent, we offer translation services in tens of language pairs including Lithuanian-Turkish and English-Lithuanian. We serve our clients with the latest technologies with competitive rates and rapid translation solutions

While meticulously conducting control stages to get the most accurate results, we use advanced security programs to ensure safety of the files you send.


In translations, we work with expert translators, editors and project coordinators based on the content of the files. We understand the importance of each file you send.

Game Localization Services

We work with localization specialists to reach your targeted gaming audience in the video game industry that has become one of the most important sectors.


In game localization projects, we maximize the user experience based on the specific language of games. You can get game localization services with Lithuanian source or target language for fair prices.

We also offer multimedia services such as voice-over, subtitling and transcription for game localizations. You can contact us immediately if you want your video games to reach large masses.

Lithuanian Game Localization

You can get Lithuanian translations with a high accuracy rate for competitive prices!

Albanian Interpreting Services

Lithuanian Interpreting Services

We are organized to meet all the needs of our customers at Transistent. In this context, we offer Lithuanian interpreting services.


We also provide consecutive, whispered, over the phone interpreting as well as simultaneous equipment rental services.


You can contact us for 24/7 to work with experienced interpreting teams.

You are under the roof of Transistent with an insurance coverage of USD 50,000.
The quality of our translation services is certified by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001.
We work with a team of more than 2500 dedicated professional translators for each project.
Your files are in good hands thanks to our confidentiality and security infrastructure.
You can track your projects with translation and customer management systems.

Technologies We Use

We continue our investments in technology for high quality translation service. We use translation management systems to facilitate both our production processes and project management processes of our clients at Transistent.


We conduct all our processes within the framework of pre-specified standards in order to get quality results in the lingual service we offer. We support our clients by very diverse file formats and options of integration with content management systems in the translation services we conduct focused on quality, security and confidentiality.


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