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Japanese Translation Services

Professional translation, localization, transcreation, editing

Japanese is an East Asian language that is spoken by 125 million people. Japanese was substantially affected by Chinese during its creation.

Such that Kanji with Chinese characters is also commonly used among their writing systems. However, Japanese is an agglutinative language just like Korean, Finnish and Turkish.

At Transistent, we provide services in tens of language pairs such as Japanese-Turkish and English-Japanese. You may request translation from us for Hiragana or Katakana writing systems.

We provide translation, interpreting, localization, quality control services, multimedia services and desktop publishing services as part of the Japanese lingual services.

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Japanese Translation Services

Japanese Technical Translation Solutions

We assign experienced and specialized translators in your industry for Japanese source files with technical content.


We also maintain quality for translations requested by our clients at different times thanks to our translation memory, term bank creation, and management services.


We offer Japanese notarized translation solutions for your translations requested by official authorities. By doing this we ensure that your files are accepted by official authorities in cases such as immigration services and university acceptance procedures.


Translation services we provide are as follows:

Japanese Technical Translation
Chinese Interpreting Services

Japanese Interpreting


At Transistent, we support our customers with Japanese interpreting needs. You may request interpreting services from us in cases where you need interpreting such as meetings, seminars, hospitals, live broadcasts, and courts.


If our clients do not have the required equipment where they hold their organization, we supply simultaneous equipment for interpreting services upon request. Do not forget to share the details of equipment while getting a quote!


Interpreting services we provide:

Get the best prices for Japanese lingual services in only a few minutes!

Japanese Software Localization Services


As a very strategic country in terms of technology production, Japan launches a lot of software every year. With the advanced software industry, we provide software localization services to our customers so they can deliver software to users in different countries.


Throughout localization, our software localization experts and project managers target optimum efficiency by continuously communicating with our clients about the process and details.


We offer localization in various areas and platforms at Transistent. You can request Japanese localization from us for websites, games, mobile apps.

Software German Localization
Rapid and reliable solutions thanks to artificial intelligence controlled machine translation system.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Japanese editors.
At Transistent, project coordinators work to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Japanese Transcreation


Translation on its own is often not enough to reach the target audience, especially in marketing projects. In such cases we offer creative translation services with our native Japanese translators, copywriters, and editors.


We offer transcreation and content creation solutions as part of our creative services. At Transistent, what underpins our long-term cooperation with our customers is the priority we give to the expectations of our customers.

Japenese Transcreation Service

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