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As one of the Eastern Slavic languages, Ukrainian is used by more than 40 million people. Even though Ukrainian is the official language in Ukraine written in Cyrillic alphabet, use of Russian in quite common in cities such as Kiev, Kharkiv and Podolia.

At Transistent we offer Ukrainian language solutions at high standards. At the control stage, we deliver the results checked by Ukrainian native speaking editors to our customers. We also provide fast and reliable results using artificial intelligence assisted machine translations.

We are organized so as to provide services in all file formats. Thanks to such ability, our partners do not have to perform any editing on the files before sending them to us. You can contact us 24/7 in order to get a quote for the services we provide against competitive prices.

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Ukrainian Translation Services

Ukrainian Immigration Services


We provide documents required for the immigration services through teams we set up with experienced translators. We enable you to get valid documents for the immigration applications by providing notarized and certified translation services with our translators experienced in this field.


We work with dedicated teams for each project in translation solutions. We assign more than 2500 translators to the most suitable projects by coordinating them accurately.


As the Transistent Translation Bureau, we utilize the state-of-the-art technologies in order to provide you with a high standard service. We make use of integrations, translation management systems and client portal both to communicate well with our customers and increase the quality of results.


Translation services we provide are as follows:

Finnish Immigration Translation Services
Ukrainan interpreting services

Interpreting Solutions


Interpreting is one of the fields that requires expertise. By providing services with interpreters that are experienced in interpretation, we avoid emergence of potential problems arising from the nature of interpreting.


We use the newest technologic equipment in simultaneous interpreting. You may receive spotless simultaneous interpreting service in organizations of hundreds of people. We also provide equipment rental facilities only.

Get the best prices for Ukrainian lingual services in only few minutes!

Ukrainian Web Site Localization


Would you like to reach a Ukrainian-speaking audience of over 40 million in their own language? With Ukrainian website localization services we offer at Transistent, we enable you to get organic traffic from search engines.


Our Ukrainian localization department consists of localization experts, SEO experts, local editors and experienced project coordinators.


Website localization service does not only refer to changing the site language. At Transistent, we translate all the components that are important in terms of SEO such as picture captions, meta descriptions, titles and site map as well as all the content. In this way, we enable the site to get listed in customer and search engines rapidly in its new language and new country.

Website Localization Services
We offer the most rapid solutions with translation and customer management systems.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Our quality control services are provided by native Ukrainian editors.
We care about safety. Your information is safe with us thanks to our highly advanced software and experts.

Leisure & Tourism Translation Solutions


In order to offer industry-specific solutions at Transistent, we make our translators take a series of tests to confirm their knowledge of the industry. This allows us to put together a team to deliver the best results.


You can contact us around the clock if you need professional help in all areas of tourism and leisure. At Transistent we provide quality translation services for hotels, travel agencies, airlines, and booking sites.

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