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Bulgarian Translation and Localization

Bulgarian interpreting, translation, localization, and multimedia services at competitive prices

Bulgarian is a Slavic language spoken by 12 million people. Written in the Cyrillic alphabet, Bulgarian is one of the oldest and most established Slavic languages. It was even the first Slavic language to be put down in written form.

At Transistent, we work with native Bulgarian linguists for our Bulgarian translation projects. We therefore deliver translations that are proven in terms of quality.

Besides interpreting and translation, we also provide localization services. Moreover, we are there to support you for all your international SEO, Bulgarian content creation, transcreation, and similar other digital marketing and creative needs!

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Bulgarian Translation Services

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High-Quality Bulgarian Translations

Our quality is proven by our ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certification! By sticking firmly to our quality control processes, we can promise high-quality linguistic services.


We build the right team of Bulgarian linguists according to the requirements of the translation. From business and academic to medical and technical texts, we ensure that you reach your target audience by assigning your project to the right linguist with expertise in that field.


Meanwhile, we can also provide sworn or notary certified translation services for any documents needing to be submitted to public institutions. So if you need immigration documents translating, don’t worry – we’ve got it covered!

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Bulgarian Interpreting Services

In addition to our capacity to quickly source experienced interpreters for your events, Transistent also offers competitive prices for its Bulgarian interpreting services.


Plus we’re there to support you with simultaneous interpreting equipment to rent for any multilingual environment.


Our interpreting services:

Albanian Interpreting Services
Transistent stands out from the crowd, covering you for up to $50,000 worth of losses with its translation insurance.
We ensure high quality with our native Bulgarian linguists.
And if that wasn’t enough, our translation and client management systems give you real-time access to your projects, so you can see how they’re progressing.
Meanwhile, we have the privacy infrastructure to ensure that your data is in good hands.
And thanks to our artificial intelligence and machine translation systems, our solutions are fast!
Albanian Localization

Bulgarian Localization

Bulgarian is divided into two dialects, namely Eastern and Western Bulgarian. These dialects are also divided into sub-dialects according to the region where they are spoken. The language also shares many similarities with Macedonian.


For all these reasons, we consider the target region before assigning Bulgarian translation and localization projects to linguists. Contact us also to localize your websites, mobile apps, or software.


Bulgarian localization services we provide:

Industry-based solutions

We deliver high-quality translations with an industry-oriented approach. With our team of 2500+ linguists we are more than ready to meet professional translation demands requiring industry-specific and technical knowledge.


And as a translation agency that works with leading companies in different sectors, Transistent ensures the sustainability of its high-quality standards with translation memories and term banks.

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