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Professional Catalan Translation Services

Localization, translation-interpreting, quality control services

Catalan is the language spoken by 4.1 million Catalans in the west of Spain. This language is spoken by roughly10 million people apart from the native Catalan speakers.

Barcelona is the city where Catalan is most commonly spoken. It is also the official language in Andorra. Even though Catalan is in the same language family with Spanish, they are quite different from each other. Such that understanding Catalan is almost impossible for native Spanish speakers.

At the Transistent Translation Bureau, we offer professional translation and interpreting services with our native Catalan speaker translation team. Contact us for tens of language pairs and industry-specific translations with competitive prices.

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Catalan Language Services

Arabic Translation Memory Management

Translation Teams Expert In Their Fields

At Transistent, we set up a dedicated team of linguists for each translation request. We work with the most experienced translators based on the content and needs of your files.


Our staff can work in many areas requiring expertise such as technical, literature, and academic. We offer rapid and quality services for our clients with our translation memory and term bank services.


Translation services we provide are as follows:

We offer a translation insurance coverage worth $50,000 USD in Catalan lingual services.
Artificial intelligence assisted machine translations enable us to get rapid and quality results.
We only deliver translations that have passed quality assessments.
Expert teams of translators, whose native language is Catalan.
You have real-time access to projects thanks to our translation and customer management systems.

Catalan Interpreting

Catalan interpreting services are addressed within a wide range. You may ask for interpreting services for cases from courts to hospitals, meetings to tours.


We provide simultaneous equipment rental services apart from our experienced translator staff. By doing this, we ensure that you utilize the most quality simultaneous equipment for your meetings attended by a large audience in an international environment.

Belarusian interpreting services

Only a few minutes are needed to get the best prices!

Catalan Desktop Publishing Services

Desktop Publishing Services

At Transistent, not only the content of your files, but also their purposes for use are important. That’s why we’ve organized a way to meet desktop publishing demands.


With our expert staff in the field of desktop publishing, we design your multilingual translation projects in the original format and deliver them in the same format without error.


Desktop publishing services we provide:

Why choose Transistent?

As the preference of leading companies, Transistent sets up dedicated teams for each project. By doing this, we ensure translators who are experts in the field deal with your files.

Experienced translation team consisting of +2500 translators.

Service understanding at ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.

Service package options based on budget in translations.

Preferred by international companies thanks to industry approach in translation.


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