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Danish Translation and Localization

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As one of the South Scandinavian languages, Danish is spoken by 5.5 million people. The Danish alphabet is the same as the Latin alphabet but letters such as “Æ”, “H” are used to spell some sounds.

Danish is a more phonetic language as compared to neighboring languages. Therefore it is seen as one of the most difficult languages to learn.

We provide translation services from Danish to many languages at Transistent. We work with native Danish translators in translation and interpreting services and support our translators with the most up-to-date translation technologies.

You may get a free quote for professional Danish translation services.

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Danish Translation Services

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Danish Translation by Experienced Translators

At Transistent Translation Bureau, we work with more than 2500 experienced linguists. Such large infrastructure provides us with the opportunity to offer even most complex translations at high quality.


We care about rapidness as well as quality in our translation services. Therefore we involve technologies that will increase rapidness and quality into our translation processes.


You may ask for a free quote in many fields such as documents, technical texts, medical content.

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Danish Simultaneous Interpreting

We offer simultaneous interpreting services for events attended by speakers of more than one language. You may request for simultaneous interpreting in your organizations for hundreds of people thanks to our interpreter staff that are experts in the field.


We follow the transparency principle in our interpreting services. We provide you with the CV of an interpreter that is recommended to you and arrange a pre-interview if requested.


You can also contact us for simultaneous system rental.

Danish Simultaneous Translation
We offer a translation insurance coverage worth $50,000 USD in lingual services.
We ensure high quality with our native Danish linguists.
We enable our customers to easily get information about their projects using our client portal.
We have built an infrastructure for privacy and information security. Your data is in excellent hands.
We only deliver the files that have undergone quality control processes.

Danish Mobile App Localization

At Transistent we enable our partners to enter the markets they desire thanks to the localization solutions. You can enter the Danish market or extend to other markets from Denmark using mobile app localizations.


You can track the localization processes we conduct with dedicated localization experts on your client portal and get information about your project whenever you want.


Other localization services:

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Danish Translation Editing

Editing Services by Experienced Editors


We offer Danish editing services with our experienced editor staff. We provide services in tens of language pairs from academic texts to literary articles.


We have to enable continuity of high quality standards for the lingual services we provide at Transistent. Therefore all projects undergo quality control processes before delivery.


Quality control services we provide:

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