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Get the highest quality translation service with our native proofreaders and build an international and professional reputation!

We achieve a 40% increase in the quality of translation projects that are checked by editors and native proofreaders!

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4-stage QA process

With this advanced quality approach which covers the processes before and after translation and our zero error policy, we can confidently say that we provide our customers with the best results possible.

Then, when the translation is complete, without any exceptions, we run the output text through a quality control process which has several stages. To summarize these steps briefly;

  • Our specialized translation tools allow us to check translated texts quickly and in microscopic detail as well as pick up any inconsistencies, numerical errors, typos, and mistakes in terminology.
  • We perform checks in terms of coherence, grammar, and compliance with term banks and style guides with our experienced editors.
  • At our DTP department, we do checks in terms of page design and layout as well as checking names and numbers.
  • Our proofreaders, whose mother tongue is the target language, ensure that the target text is checked in terms of fluency and terminology usage.

What is proofreading?

If you have a written text read by a knowledgeable proofreader who has the appropriate training and experience before it reaches the reader, the text becomes more understandable and fit for purpose.

For this reason, proofreading is a very important stage in translation!

When an editor checks translations, inconsistencies, grammar and punctuation errors are often corrected. However, through checks by the proofreader, whose native language is the target language, the translation sounds most natural and achieves perfection.


Request a free quote now to get a special proofreading service for your written texts, either as part of our translation packages or independently!

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Industry experience

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For what kinds of texts can you get proofreading services?

Academic Translation

Localization services for digital marketing content

Document Translation

Literary Translation

Legal Translation

Technical Translation

Business Translation

Medical Translation

Notarized Translation

Immigration Translation

Website Localization

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