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As the most ancient documented language among the Indian European languages, Greek is spoken by 14 million people. Written using the Greek alphabet, the language constitutes the foundations of many writing systems such as Cyrillic, Latin, Coptic, Armenian.

We offer quality language services at Transistent for tens of language pairs such as Greek-Turkish and English-Greek. We deliver your documents within the desired timeframe thanks to our translator staff who are native Greek speakers as well as our most current translation technologies.

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Greek Translation Services

Translation by Native Speakers of Greek


As Transistent, we are aware the importance of each file you send to us. Therefore we set up a translation team based on their areas of expertise in order to get the best quality results.


We work with translators and editors that are experts in their fields for your notarized and certified translation requests.


Some of the translation services we provide are as follows:

Translation Memory Management
Greek Consecutive Translation

Greek Consecutive Interpreting


Consecutive interpreting is the interpreting method in which speaker stops talking at certain intervals and allows the interpreter to interpret the stated part.


We work with experienced interpreters in Greek Consecutive Interpreting processes. You may request consecutive interpreting for business meetings, press meetings, presentations or sessions.


At Transistent, we assign interpreters based on their fields of expertise for your interpreting requests. In this way, we guarantee that you receive service from specialist interpreters with relevant technical knowledge and experience in the field of conversation.

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Greek Digital Marketing Content Localization Services


Digital marketing is among the fastest methods that will enable you to reach your potential customers. Furthermore, cost is quite low as compared to traditional marketing methods. In digital marketing, it is required to speak directly in the language of masses in order to influence them.


We are making the content feel as if it is written in the local language in digital marketing activities. Because we know that content in the target language, especially in marketing texts, must be of quality and have the ability to influence the customer.


Our localization specialists provide a wide range of services from content creation to software. You can contact us for Greek localization services.


Other localization services:

Digital Marketing
We offer a translation insurance coverage worth $50,000 USD in Greek translations.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Your data is in good hands thanks to the infrastructure we have built for privacy and information security.
We ensure high quality with our native Greek linguists.

Quality Control Services


Have you concerns about the quality of your Greek texts? Transistent’s experienced editors can deliver Greek texts in the desired quality.


You can rely on the quality of your Greek translations thanks to our proofreading, editing, post-editing, and quality assessment services.


Apart from quality control services, we offer translation memory and term bank creation and management services.


Thanks to term bank and translation memory management, we provide quality standards and stylistic unity for your projects.

Quality Assessment

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