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Translation Memory Management

Fast and high quality translation solutions thanks to translation memory!

Thanks to our professional and specialized programs, we keep all changes made to your projects and all your projects completed so far in our translation archive! Please contact us for detailed information about the translation memory management we can offer for your projects.

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What is Translation Memory?

Translation Memory (TM) is a type of translation archive created with the help of special computer-aided translation programs that are used in a translation project. All previously translated texts are kept in this archive. If the translator comes across similar sentences or terms in the same project, the program offers the previously translated texts as suggestions. The interpreter takes a look at the suggestion and selects the most appropriate use according to the context. This increases consistency and ensures that the translation is done much faster with higher quality.

Translation Memory Management

Translation Memory Management

Thanks to our professional and secure creation and management of translation memories, we create a project-specific archive for each client. We archive all previously translated sentences in technical, scientific or academic texts for future use.

Previously completed translations are stored within translation tools and act as guidelines for the next translation, enabling us to be faster and error-free.

Translation Memory Management

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) Tools

With rapid advances in technology, the automation of business processes is increasing in all industries making productivity and efficiency all the more important. In this context, CAT tools are one of the most important tools accelerating the translation process. Computer-aided translation programs, which require significant investments, enable our clients, who benefit from our professional translation services, to receive large translation projects in much less time.

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