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Post-Editing (Machine Translation)

Post-editing helps us achieve human-like quality for machine translations!

With the post-editing process we apply to machine translated texts, we achieve faster and better quality results. If you want high-quality translation services by taking advantage of the speed and cost benefits of machine translation, our professional post-editing services are the right option for you!

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What is post-editing?

The most important differences distinguishing machine translation from human translation are the up to 50% of speed rate and cost advantages. The quality of raw machine translation may differ from that of human translation, depending on the amount of data loaded into the translation engine and the frequency of use.

In this case, machine translation may not be preferred by the client despite the speed of the process and in cases where the quality expectation for the translation is higher, post-editing comes into play.

The post-edit process allows for the unprocessed machine translation to be of quality, meaningful, and natural at least as much as human translation.

Post-Edit Service

Contact us for a fast and high quality post-edit at special prices!

Professional post-editing process

At Transistent, we have a competent team who offers post-edit services in different language pairs and turns the raw machine translation output into something close to perfection as much as possible. During post-editing;

  • They intervene if they pick up any incoherence that impair fluency.
  • Corrections are made if grammar and spelling errors are encountered.
  • The inconsistencies in the text are checked with a dictionary and style guide and any errors spotted are corrected.
  • The terminology and numeric data of the text are checked to complete the process.
  • The editing process helps improve the translation quality by a wide margin.

Don’t miss out on our advantageous prices to achieve results faster with machine translation, which is no different from human translation and particularly advantageous in technical areas.

In which cases would post-editing be necessary?

You can get a post-editing service for translation engine outputs we have created specifically for your large translation projects.

You can get a post-editing service for machine translation outputs obtained from our existing translation engines.

You can request post-editing for unprocessed machine translation outputs.

Fast post-editing

Fast post-editing

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Experienced editors

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Quality Service

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Good Prices

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All languages

Your questions

What is post-editing machine translation?

Post-editing is the process of reviewing and editing of machine translation outputs by human translators to ensure that the final translation quality meets the expectations and fits for the purpose. Translations generated by automated machine translation software usually lack accuracy and need to be further processed by professional post-editors.

What are the types of post-editing?

Based on the quality level that must be achieved, there are two main types of post-editing; light post-editing and full post-editing. The aim of light post-editing is eliminating any critical errors that are present in machine translation output by implementing as few modifications as possible and generate an understandable and grammatically correct translation. However full post-editing requires adopting a more thorough approach to modify a machine translation output to make it equal to human translation by removing any possible translation errors.

What is machine translation?

Machine translation is the automated translation from one language into another without human involvement. It is a process where specially designed and developed computer software are used to translate a text or document instantly. The main benefit of machine translation is that it enables the translation of large amount of data in a short time although the output might lack accuracy and contain some errors.

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