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Mobile app localization

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The future belongs to mobile apps!

Mobile software developed for smartphones and tablets is one of the most important elements of digitization in all areas of life.

Digital marketing trends and technology habits of people around the world are increasingly defined by mobile and intelligent devices. Research into the mobile ecosystem showed that in 2018 alone, more than 113 billion mobile applications were downloaded worldwide. The number of mobile apps to be downloaded in 2019 is estimated to reach 122 billion.

With the increasing use of mobile technologies, brands, institutions, organizations and entrepreneurs who want to reach their target audience know that mobile presence is an important step for global success.

Mobile App Localization
Mobile App Translation Services

Professional App Localization Services

Today, when we look at mobile software developed by technology companies whose applications are downloaded around the world, we see that they create a common communications platform by removing physical boundaries.

Every time we talk about communication and globalization, we actually talk about translation and localization.

If you want to make your products and services known around the world, make your mobile software available to users around the world for any industry, or if you simply want to go global, choose Transistent!

How is mobile app localization done?

The localization of mobile apps is a very special and distinctive field of translation.

To do that well, it is necessary to get to know the target culture and the mobile app habits of your target group besides their language habits.

Being an expert in software localization also means mastering the language of software.

Depending on the application design, different structures of the target and source language should be considered.

New localization solutions may be required during testing and updating procedures for mobile application development.

Benefit from our localization services for your Android and iOS mobile apps, and let us be #YourAccessToTheWorld!

The Importance of Mobile Apps for Localization

It makes your brand accessible worldwide and increases your market share.

It makes your brand, products and services more visible.

It gives you direct access to your customers.

It allows you to do online sales.

It allows you to create a customer database.

It becomes a channel for your digital marketing activities.

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