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Voice-over and Translation Services

In the past, commercials, series and films were only shown on large screens, in cinemas and on television. With digitization, however, there was an advance in computer technologies and the use of mobile devices increased. Today, everyone consumes and even produces content around the clock using their mobile phones or tablets. Videos are among the world’s most consumed content.

The most commonly used solutions by media producers and production professionals to overcome language barriers to present their video content to an international audience are subtitling and voice-over translation services.

At Transistent, we support you with our comprehensive multimedia solutions through our network of over 2,500 language experts in all languages as well as our team of voice-over and hardware experts!

Voice-Over Translation

Professional Voice-Over and Voice-Over Translation

With our transcription services we convert audio and video recordings into text.

We also offer voice-over services for translated voice-over texts.

We provide voice-over translations through our experienced voice-over translators.

We ask for your approval at every step during the voice-over.

During the voice-over process, we work with voice-over actors that we select with extreme care.

Quality Certificates

At Transistent, we employ a customer-oriented quality policy.

Professional Team

We support you with our team of linguists, technical experts, and media producers.

Happy Customers

We offer multimedia solutions to many customers such as Michelin, PwC, Ikea, KPMG, andDecathlon.

The Most Popular Video Content Types for Voice-Over Services

Online video sharing platforms

Series, films and documentary videos

Educational videos


Corporate videos

Social media commercials

Your questions

What is voice-over?

Voice-over is the process of re-voicing a soundtrack in another language by a voice-over artist once the original recording is translated in text form. In voice-over, the voice-over artist or the narrator does not appear on the screen. You hear the voice but do not see the narrator.

What is dubbing?

We are talking about dubbing when we replace the voices of the actors/narrators visible on the screen with voices recorded in another language by mimicking the tone, lip sync and expression of the original sound.

Which one should I use, voice-over or dubbing?

It depends on the type of the recording. Voice-over is used for digital contents such as documentaries, e-learning and training videos, adverts and games. However, dubbing is usually implemented for video contents such as films, movies, TV shows where the narrators appear on the screen and it is required to maintain the emotion and the tonality of the original sound.

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