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Serbian Translation Services

Professional translation, localization, transcreation and proofreading.

Spoken by 10 million people, Serbian is one of the most important languages of Balkans. Serbian is spoken in Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia as well as Serbia. Serbian is written with the Latin and Cyril alphabets. From this perspective, it is a very special language. Because these two alphabets are used in almost equal percentages.

At Transistent, we work with the Latin or Cyril alphabet based on your request in Serbian translations. We have managed to reach high standards by delivering results that have undergone the quality control of local editors.

You can get a free quote for tens of language pairs such as Serbian-English and Turkish-Serbian. You can also use our quality control and transcription services at competitive prices.

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Serbian Translation Services

Proven Quality in Serbian Translations

We provide translation services to many industry-leading companies such as world-renowned Asus, IKEA, Chanel and Michelin with our quality approach proven with ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 quality certificates. Contact us to get translation at high standards thanks to our dedicated translation teams set up for each project in translations.


We provide notarized translation that is required for official authorities. By doing this, you can easily conduct your immigration processes in Serbia or any other country.


We deliver translations that are checked by experienced local editors. We organized to work 24/7 for Serbian written translation requests and you can choose one of the written translation service packages for your project.

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Professional Serbian interpreting

Transistent Guarantee in Interpreting Solutions


You can get information about the interpreter that will work for you selected from among over 500 certified conference interpreters.


Specialized in various fields of interpreting, our interpreters have a wide range of work such as hospitals, courts, live broadcasts, tours, meetings, phone calls and conferences.


Interpreting services provided:

Get the best prices for Serbian lingual services in only a few minutes!

Website Localization Services


Your website is where potential customers obtain initial information about your company and services. Quality of the languages used here is extremely important. We allow you to access multi-lingual sites with seamless language usage by conducting special localization studies on web sites.


In addition to translating all the contents of the web sites, we also perform translations of components that are very important for search engines, such as image captions, SEO titles and meta descriptions. In this way, we quickly adapt the digital marketing efforts and SEO efforts to the new language.


You can reach us in minutes to learn more about Serbian localization.

Website Localization Services
Rapid and reliable solutions thanks to artificial intelligence controlled machine translation system.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Serbian editors.
At Transistent, project coordinators work to respond to your requests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Serbian Multimedia Services


In addition to written solutions, we are organized to work on visual and audio files as well. We have an infrastructure that allows working on all file extensions.


We have a broad range of fields of operation such as content localization, visual localization, transcription, and voice-over in multimedia services.


Thanks to the experienced subtitling team, we have completed successful projects for films, series, promotion vides, TV adds and social media videos.

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