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Technical Translation

Getting your technical texts professionally translated by competent translators saves you time and money! At Transistent, we provide a premium service through experienced translators and project managers in all language pairs for all technical sectors. Contact us to find out which of our translation packages is best for you!

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Technical Translation

Quality technical translation with Transistent’s expertise

Each sector has its own particular linguistic requirements. Technical terminology is especially important in production-oriented, scientific and technology-based industries. It is misleading to assume that somebody can translate a technical text just by having knowledge of the source and target languages.

At Transistent we translate all types of technical documents related to fields such as machinery, construction and mechanics that require technical expertise with our specialized translators.

Among the global brands we serve in the technical translation sector are XEROX, FANUC, Wavin Pilsa, Goodyear, Michelin, and General Electric.

General Electric
Good Year
Wavin Pilsa

Would you like to become one of the global brands for which we provide technical translation solutions?

How do we ensure accuracy of technical translations?

Excellent command of both source and target languages

At Transistent, we offer translation services in all languages of the world through our network of over 2500 linguists!

Experience having translated technical texts for different sectors

With our highly experienced and well-trained linguists, we are ready to support all industries with their technical translation requirements!

Project managers specially selected for the project’s requirements

We ensure a smooth translation process through our experienced project managers assigned according to the customer’s requirements!

How do we deliver fast and high-quality technical translation services?

Translation tools with automated quality assurance functions

With our special programs we run automated checks on translated texts to pick up any inconsistencies, numerical errors, typos, and mistakes in terminology.

Desktop publishing services allowing delivery in the original format

With our DTP department, we can prepare all your translation projects in their original format and carry out page layout and formatting checks.

Editorial checks by experienced editors

The translated texts are checked by our specialist editors for coherence, grammar, compliance with dictionary and style guide rules and the quality is increased by approx. 20% with the corrections.

Proofreading by native linguists

Our expert proofreaders check the translated texts in terms of the language used, fluency and terminology and improve the quality by approx. 15% through improvements.

Secure technological infrastructure

We offer fast and highly accurate translations with computer-aided translation tools and offer our clients data protection and ease of use with our project management system!

What types of texts do we translate in the technical domain?

Vehicle inspection documents

Service, maintenance, and repair-related content

Translation of texts about computers

Translation of computer software

Translation of brochures

Translation of magazines

Translation of circuits

Digital imaging translations

Equipment translations

Translation of manuals

Electrical and electronic translations

Electrical engineering translations

Electrical tool translations

Electronic tool translations

Energy preservation translations

Scientific translations

Translation of physical science

Translation of Guarantee Documents

Gas translations

Ship engineering translations

Security translations

Translation of aviation electronics

Hydraulic translations

Translation of ISO Certificates

Translation of Review Reports

Construction engineering translations

Translation of operation manuals

Translation of licenses

Translation of quality certificates

Translation of quality reports

Book translations

Booklet translations

Translation of Control Documents

Cooperative society translations

Translation of user manuals

Translation of operating instructions

Translation of installation guidelines

Translation of machinery labels

Mechanical engineering translations

Medical Translations (Tools / Equipment)

Mobile phone translations (GSM)

Engineer translations

Engineering translations

Nuclear Power translations

Translation of audit reports

Optical translations

Automotive translations

Patent translations

Translation of letters patent

Petrol translations

Translation of project documents

Translation of procedures

Industry translations

Translation of certificates

Fuel oil translations

Water treatment translations

Translation of marketing brochures

Technical Document translations

Translation of technical texts

Translation of technical drawings

Translation of technical-based documents

Textile translations

Textile industry translations

Telecommunications translations

Television translations

Facility translations

Translation of TSE Certificates

Space technologies translations

Specialized translations

Translation of websites

Construction translations

Construction technology translations

Publishing technology translations

Translation of correspondences

Translation of regulations

Your questions

What is technical text?

Technical text is the one that is written to help someone gather information needed about a specific subject or solve a question. Technical writings include how-to guides, text books, operation manuals, recipes, instruction manuals. They usually have their own jargon and contain terminology specific to a particular field.

What is technical translation?

Technical translation is the translation of texts dealing with technical content involving specialized terminology. Technical translations require subject matter expertise in the related field and professional translators for reliable translations.

What are the different types of technical translation?

Translation of the documents in the fields such as engineering, electronics, information technologies, mechanics, automotive, aviation, medicine, science is the subject of technical translation. Most common technical contents in these fields are user manuals, maintenance manuals, contracts and patents, specifications, catalogs, safety documents and installation guides.

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