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About Us

Our team are a group of passionate linguists and project managers with experience in all our key domains and access to expertise in every language pair. No matter what the translation or localization problem, we’re keen to help you find the answer!

Transistent truly is #YourAccessToTheWorld!

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Our 2022 Stats


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Who Are We?

Transistent’s foundation story

The brainchild of EDU Language Group CEO Emre Barlas and linguistic entrepreneur Selçuk Özcan, Transistent began its journey in 2015 with a $500,000 investment as Türkiye and the Middle East’s first and only machine translation services provider!

At Transistent, we have been working since day one to model the artificial intelligence technology of the future around the translation sector’s needs so that it can serve it at the most efficient level possible.

As a result of our R&D work and investments into automated technology, within just two years we were able to offer our clients hybrid solutions that increase the profitability and speed of their translation projects by 60%.

Emre Barlas
Member of ELG

Strong Team, sound infrastructure, and renewed image

In 2017, EDU Language Group purchased all of Transistent’s shares in order to fully realize the company’s increasing potential. Today, we continue our work under the roof of EDU Language Group at full speed ahead, acutely aware of the responsibility that comes from being the first of our kind in our sector.

Recently we have also added traditional translation to our solutions in order to combine the technology of the future with our knowledge and experience in the field of translation. Our new image now makes us stronger than ever…

We’re at your service, ready to meet your global translation and localization needs in all languages with our expert team of staff!

Choose us as #YourAccessToTheWorld!

What services do we provide at Transistent?

Transistent offers all you can expect from a conventional translation agency and much more besides!

As well as conventional translation services in all kinds of sectors, including the automotive, finance, legal, and academic sectors, we provide extensive over-the-phone, simultaneous, and consecutive interpreting solutions in all language pairs.

We help you find a common language through which to communicate with your target audience thanks to our experienced software, game, and e-commerce system localization teams.

We make significant efforts to deliver higher quality and more affordable solutions by training our own machine translation engines based on artificial intelligence – the most promising advancement for the future.

We Services

We deliver impeccable projects by offering quality-oriented solutions, such as editing, post-editing of machine translation output, and proofreading by native-speaking linguists, as complementary services in all language pairs.

Besides translation and interpreting services, we offer subtitling and voiceover translation, transcription, video content localization, and many other solutions with our experienced linguists trained in multimedia.

In addition to translations, we also help you access the whole world with our digital marketing services, such as multilingual content creation, and international SEO.

By guaranteeing security, confidentiality, and seamless project management, we listen to our corporate and individual clients’ most pressing concerns and stand out in the sector as the most reliable solutions partner out there.

Why choose Transistent over other providers?

ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality certification: the only globally recognized certificates in the translation industry

The infrastructure to protect the confidentiality and security of your business

Translation insurance coverage of up to $50,000

Translation quality assured by inbuilt quality control processes and our zero-error policy

Experienced interpreters for all your meetings and events

Translation services in all languages and every sector, provided by a pool of over 2,500 linguists who are experts in their fields

Translation solutions for all platforms and formats

Language solutions to help you reach your target audience

Content creation, transcreation, and international SEO services

The translation management system to ensure speed and profitability

Affordable and tailor-made translation packages

24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Secure Infrastructure

Secure Infrastructure

Loyal Client Portfolio

Loyal Client Portfolio

Seamless Project Management

Seamless Project Management

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