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Whispered Interpreting

At Transistent, we provide professional translation and interpreting services in all industries and languages and make customer satisfaction always our top priority!

We remove language barriers with our whispering interpreting solutions for your business meetings, visits and training courses!

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What is whispered interpreting?

In its simplest form, whispered interpreting can be described as simultaneous interpreting without using a booth.

Simultaneous interpreting is preferred in large organizations with speakers speaking different languages. Whispered interpreting is simultaneous interpretation for one or two people in smaller meetings., without the need for equipment. The interpreter uses the whisper tone to do the interpreting without disturbing other people in the environment.

In whispered interpreting,

the interpreter can use the Infoport system to translate via wireless microphones and headphones. This system, which offers freedom to listeners, speakers, and interpreters, is preferred for official and diplomatic meetings, guided tours and excursions. This system is more cost-effective than simultaneous interpreting in terms of equipment costs.

Where is whispered interpreting used

Diplomatic meetings

Short business meetings

Factory and delegation visits

Short workshop / training programs

Short seminars

Guided tours, museum tours

Transistent expertise in professional whispered interpreting services

Whispered interpreting is a process that requires intense attention and memory control as well as a very good command of the target and source language. In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, the translator is on her own in whispered interpreting. Interpreting is done in a soft tone so as not to disturb other participants. Therefore, the interpreter must always observe the environment and adapt to it besides listening and speaking skills.

Whispered interpreting is a field of specialty that can only be performed by trained people. At Transistent we offer interpreting services in Spanish and all languages through over 500 conference interpreters!

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Your questions

What is whispered interpreting?

Whispered interpreting is also known as chuchotage. It is a form of simultaneous interpreting without using a booth where interpreter whispers what the speaker is saying to the ear of the listener. Whispered interpreting is usually used for one or two people in smaller meetings, without the need for interpreting equipment.

Where is whispered interpreting used?

Whispered interpreting is usually preferred for diplomatic meetings, factory and delegation visits, short workshop  and training programs, short seminars, guided tours and museum tours.

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