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Termbase Management

The secret to consistent and high quality translation in translation projects that require technical knowledge or expertise: Termbases.

We offer faster and more quality translations with our professional termbase creation and management services! For detailed information please contact our project managers!

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What is Term Bank (Terminology)?

A list of terms used in a technical, artistic or scientific area is called termbase. The creation of termbases is one of the most important factors that increase consistency and quality, especially in large translation projects!

Due to our quality-oriented approach, we provide high quality translation solutions with our experienced linguists. Regardless of your translation project, you can benefit from our termbase creation and management services!

Creating a term bank (terminology)

Termbank creation and terminology management is one of the major processes that impacts the quality of a translation, and ensures that the translation meets expectations.

To maintain consistency with terminology, and to adjust the translation according to its target audience, an effective terminology management approach should be developed and adopted.


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Terminology for a Fast and Consistent Translation

With the computer-aided translation programs we use, we create a specific termbase for your project and thanks to these termbases,
we create a common language for all our linguists working on the same project!

Terminology Management Services

Our expert teams apply the following steps and ensure that our terminology management system complies with industry standards:

Specifying the requirements according to the target audience

Examining existing documents and term bases

Specifying new terms

Approving new terms and their translations

Creating a term base in the appropriate file format

Maintaining the term base throughout the translation and post-translation

Preparing checklists to check whether terms are used correctly

Creating terminology quality reports when requested

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