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International Memberships

The success of EDU Language Group, which has been providing quality services for years with its experienced team of linguists, is not a coincidence!

Being a member of global associations and organizations allows us to keep apace with the innovative dynamics of the sector.

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Our 2022 Stats


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International Memberships

We follow the latest technological products closely to ensure quality translation processes and high customer satisfaction, managing our resources and business processes according to global standards. We get an accurate feel for the pulse of the sector by being actively involved in online events, fairs, conferences, seminars, and all other kinds of events held by the institutions and organizations with which we cooperate.


Transistent – Member of GALA

GALA (the Globalization and Localization Association) is one of the world’s largest non-profit industry associations in the language sector. GALA aims to be the voice of the sector, carrying out activities to sustain the development of the industry and keeping its members up to date with information about the latest IT advancements, as well as the latest standards. Visit GALA’s website to get more information about its programs as a leading organization in the language sector.



Transistent – Member of TAUS

Standing for the Translation Automation User Society, TAUS is an independent organization that works as a resource center for the global language and translation industries. TAUS carries out its activities with the goal of improving global communication, facilitating the growth of the translation industry, and increasing its importance on a global scale. It also provides its members with information through online platforms and events. Visit the website to get more detailed information about TAUS.



Transistent – Member of ATA

ATA (the American Translators Association) counts translators and interpreters, teachers, project managers, software engineers, translation agencies, hospitals, universities, and public institutions among its 10,000 members. Founded to help translators develop professionally, ATA organizes regular webinars, conferences, fairs, and training programs to achieve this aim. Visit its website to get more information about its activities.



Transistent – Member of Elia

Elia (the European Language Industry Association) is a non-profit industry association founded with the mission of increasing the success of its language services provider members. As a leading European organization in the language industry, Elia holds regular events that offer a variety of benefits for companies. Visit Elia’s website to get more detailed information about its activities.


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