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Belonging to the Indian-Iran language family, Kurdish is spoken by 20 to 30 million people. Kurdish is written with 2 different alphabets. Hawar, Latin Alphabet, is used in Türkiye and Syria. Sorani, Persian and Arabic alphabets, are used around Iraq and Iran.

Kurdish is divided into three main dialects as North, Center and South. From this point of view, the region where the translation will be used is important and work is conducted based on such dialects since the alphabet to be used differs.

At Transistent, we offer professional Kurdish translation services with competitive prices. You can choose the most suitable budget for you among the translation packages we offer at different service levels.

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Kurdish Translation Services

Kurdish Translation Services


Kurdish is a language spoken in the east of Türkiye, Iran, Iraq and west of Syria. The region where the translation will be used is quite important due to the different alphabets used based on regions.


In translation projects, we work with experienced translators based on the content of text. By doing this, we deliver high quality Kurdish translations to our clients.


You may get a free quote from our project management team for tens of language pairs such as Kurdish-Turkish and English-Kurdish.


Translation types we provide are as follows:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
Chinese Interpreting Services

Professional Kurdish Interpreting


Would you like to work with experienced translators in interpreting? At Transistent, we provide the best quality service to our clients in Kurdish interpreting requests with our experienced staff consisting of more than 2500 translators.


You may request Kurdish interpreting from our team for all environments and events where multiple languages are used such as courts, live broadcasts, hospitals, symposiums and meetings.


Interpreting services provided:

Get your free quote to see our competitive prices for Kurdish translation services!

Kurdish Website Localization Services


If you want your website to be multilingual and reach Kurdish speaking users, you can use our professional website localization services.


We ensure that you have a spotless Kurdish website by working on headings, sub-headings, picture captions, SEO titles, language and country codes, site maps and other main contents of your website with our localization experts.


We take the search engine optimization into account in the website localization process. When a special request is made aimed at search results, expert teams in SEO determine the frequency of keywords and how the keywords should be selected. Then we organize all the website content according to the target Kurdish speaking group based on these efforts.


Other localization services:

Website Localization Services
Rapid and reliable solutions thanks to artificial intelligence based machine translation system.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Your files are in good hands thanks to the infrastructure we have built for privacy and information security.
At Transistent, project coordinators work to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Industrial Approaches


At Transistent, we assess the translation requests we get from clients in industrial terms based on their content in order to reach quality results. Therefore we work with translators with industrial knowledge in the relevant fields based on the subject of translation.


We create translation memories and term banks for our long-term clients in order to determine their preferences of terms and jargon in the relevant field and deliver consistent translations in all their requests.

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