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Legal Translation

Do you need international documents translated for your law firm? Are you in need of linguistic support in order to operate in international markets? Don’t miss out on our special deals for fast and reliable certified legal translations and interpreting services.

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What is legal translation? Why do we need it?

The law is a set of codes and rules laid down by a nation to regulate coexistence within societies, both nationally and internationally. Each country has its own legal provisions. This means that the translation of legal texts requires much more than just a knowledge of foreign languages: it also requires familiarity with both countries’ legislations.

Legal translation is an important area of expertise that helps regulate the official and commercial relationships between parties at an international level. For this reason, whether it be translation or interpreting, legal linguistic services require extra care and vigilance as legal texts use complex syntax and terminology, and errors can have serious legal consequences.

Legal Interpreting
Legal Translation Services

Why choose Transistent for your legal translations?

We offer fast and reliable translation services with our pool of experienced and certified translators covering many fields of law. Take advantage of our affordable and professional legal translation services and make sure all your international business affairs are grounded on a firm legal basis.

Within the field of legal translation, we offer translation services for companies such as Aksan Law Office, Pekin & Bayar, Gün Law Office, Koclu & Antonetti, and many others.

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Gun + Partners
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What sort of legal texts can you have translated at Transistent?

Are you looking for a high-quality translation service provided by certified translators specializing in all legal processes?

Translation of contracts:

Purchase and sales agreements

Dealer agreements

Confidentiality agreements

Shareholders’ agreements

Sales contracts

License agreements

Loan agreements

Tenancy agreements

Construction contracts

Maritime contracts

Settlement agreements

Subcontractor agreements


Translation of official paperwork and documents:

Confidential paperwork

Confidential documents


Judicial documents

Tax forms

Personal documents

Prosecution evidence

ID cards

Registration documents

Distribution contracts

Official documents

Official forms

Title deeds

Translation of official paperwork and documents:

Articles of association


Release forms

Letters rogatory


Letters of undertaking

Promissory notes


Translation of legislation:

EU legislation

General principles


Articles of law

Legal texts


Foreign legislation

Foreign court rulings

Legal decisions

Supreme court decisions


Translation of court documents:

Court interpreting

Divorce rulings

Court rulings

Letters of guarantee

Court orders

Wills and testaments

Powers of attorney

Delegations of authority

Legal translation:

Attorney translation

Law office translation

Translation of legal affairs

Legal consultancy translation

Translation of legal articles

Translation of legal liabilities

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Data security infrastructure

Translation insurance coverage of up to $50,000

Quality assurance

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2,500+ specialist and experienced linguists

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