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Subtitling Services

We are your #YourAccessToTheWorld! with our subtitling services for your videos.

We meticulously do localization and subtitling for your films, series and videos! Benefit from our professional subtitling solutions for you company-internal training videos or videos you wish to share on online channels.

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Subtitling is a special category among multimedia services that requires several different specializations. Subtitling, just one of our comprehensive multimedia services, is a service you can request for all types of video content.

  • Subtitling for documentaries, films, and series
  • Subtitling solutions for ads
  • Subtitling for training videos
  • Subtitling for video sharing platforms
  • Subtitling solutions for news videos
  • Subtitling for events like congresses, conferences, and seminars

Get multimedia services we offer for global brands like İkea, Michelin, KPMG, Decathlon, PwC at special prices!


All languages

All languages

Good Prices

Good Prices

Quality Service

Quality Service

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Experienced team

What subtitling services do we provide at Transistent?

You can request subtitling for transcribed audio or video recordings, or any other texts that you may have.

You can take advantage of our subtitle translation services offered by our expert translators.

You can also request that the translated subtitle content be embedded on screen in the appropriate video section.

You can use our voice-over services for texts whose subtitles have been translated and embedded in the video.

Use our subtitling solutions to provide multiple language options for your video content.

Some Subtitling Programs We Use

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Audition

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premier Pro

Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Edit

Professional Multimedia Solutions

With more than 2500 linguists, an experienced technical team, state-of-the-art software and a customer-focused zero-error approach, we offer multimedia solutions of the highest quality at the best prices. You can use our professional multimedia services in all languages including English, German and French subtitling services that we offer with our expert linguists and subtitlers.

Your questions

What is subtitling?

Subtitling is the process of adding timecodes to the scripts of a video by synchronizing them with the video in way that they appear on the screen during the flow of speech.

What is subtitle translation?

Subtitle translation is a type of audiovisual translation where a timecoded subtitle file, prepared in the original language of the video, is translated into other languages and then added to the video to provide viewers with different language options.

What is the difference between subtitling and dubbing?

They both refer to translation of dialogues within a video. While subtitling is the written translation of the spoken dialogues that appear simultaneously on the screen, dubbing is the spoken translation of the dialogues that is recorded and implemented in audio format.

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