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Slovak Translation Services

Localization, multimedia services, desktop publishing, and interpreting.

Spoken by 5.5 million people, Slovak is the official language of Slovakia. West Slavic languages such as Polish, Czech are quite close to Slovak. Some dialects are even mutually understandable. Slovak is written in the Latin alphabet. It is also considered as the official language in the Republic of Czech.

At Transistent, we offer quality control services with our native Slovak editors. You can choose the most cost-efficient translation service among the packages for language pairs such as Slovak-Turkish and English-Slovak.

Translation teams set up in translation and interpreting services, continuously stay in touch and share up-to-date information regarding projects with you on the client portal. You may select digital or printed platforms for the delivery of your project when its translation and quality control are completed.

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Professional Slovak Translation

Arabic Translation Memory Management

High Accuracy Rates in Translation Services

Teams consisting of experienced translators always provide high quality in Slovak translation services. By creating a team for each terminology, we deliver your files within the time we promise.


At Transistent, we are members of translation communities such as ATA, GALA, TAUS which are among the leading companies of the industry. We follow the latest developments in the translation industry and adapt the new technologies into our system. In this way, we achieve high standards in translations.


Translation types:

Transistent covers your loss up to $50,000 USD.
We are organized to work in all file formats.
We work with native Slovak translators and editors.
Our team consists of experts in various fields, from digital marketing to desktop publishing, who are all at your services.
Get real-time information regarding your project through our translation and customer management systems.

Slovak Interpreting Services

At Transistent we offer interpreting services such as consecutive, simultaneous, whispered and over the phone interpreting. You can request interpreting for hospitals, meetings, courts, conferences and live broadcasts.


We serve organizations for hundreds of people in Slovak interpreting solutions. You can rent simultaneous equipment if you desire. You can contact us 24/7 to get more information about interpreting.

Chinese Interpreting Services

Contact us for Slovak translation services with competitive prices!

Albanian Localization

E-Commerce Localization Services

We enable you to speak the language of your target group with localization projects. You can request localization for processes such as e-commerce, websites, e-mail marketing, digital marketing, sales, insurance, payment, distribution and so on.


Our translation teams specializing in e-commerce are fully qualified to understand exactly what your problems are and what localization demands and what is intended. In this way, you can achieve results that can increase return rates at the end of localization activities.


At Transistent, we offer website, software, mobile app, video games, digital marketing and content localization services as well as e-commerce.

Industry-Based Projects

As a result of our experience, we know quite well the importance of translation requests for various industries. Therefore we serve with dedicated teams for each industry. At Transistent, we offer translation services at high standards in a wide range of fields from aviation to insurance with our hundreds of translators that are experienced in the industry.


Another important issue in the sector studies is the translation memory and term bank creation processes. Thanks to translation memory and term Bank management, we are able to resubmit quality audited results for each different language and every different project very quickly.

Albanian Sectoral Translation