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Literary Translation

Benefit from our translation solutions to have your literary texts translated!

We offer affordable literary translation services through our trained translators and editors.

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The Relationship between Literature and Translation

Produced both in written and oral form, literature in its broadest definition presents artistic content with a unique language and style. Throughout history, literature has been influenced by various artistic movements from realism to humanism, from postmodernism to surrealism. No what the literary movement, literary texts use elevated language.

Subtle rather than conspicuous with the messages it conveys, literature uses extraordinary artistic techniques to help readers visualize in their minds the message that is trying to be conveyed, requiring a multi-layered use of the language. Only this way can literature open the door to brand-new universes where each reader finds something he can relate to.

This depth, which is one of the most important features of literature, allows works of literature to be interpreted from different angles while also making them difficult to translate into other languages.

Literary Translation
Literary Translation

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Can Literary Translation be both quality and affordable?

Literary texts are works of art woven through with their authors’ cultural codes, ideas, themes, and hidden meanings. For this reason when translating literary texts, it is not enough to know the target and source language or to translate from one language into another, as is the case with technical translations.

Poorly translated literary texts are hard to read with their battered fluency, conveying wrong or inaccurate messages, doing injustice to the story. Whereas, literary texts translated by experienced linguists are written so well that readers do not even notice it is actually a work of translation. Today, good translations are behind the success of literary works that have become renowned all over the world.

At Transistent, we offer the translation of all sorts of literary texts, with care and patience. Since we choose to work with linguists who have experience in various areas of literary translation, the quality of the translation is naturally high. We ensure that clients for whom we offer literary translations are in a good position both financially and in terms of time and reputation by protecting them against the risk of incorrect and inaccurate translations!

How are Literary Texts Translated?

In literary translation, different genres have their own characteristics and forms of language use. Our literary translators, with whom we work together, aim to reproduce as well as possible the details the author wishes to convey in the target language, so that the work can reach the reader in the best possible way. Once the translation process is complete, our editors, who specialize in literary translations, review the target and source texts carefully to make the final text readable.


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