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As the official language of North Ireland, Irish is a Celtic language spoken by 1 million people. Irish is written with the Latin alphabet but punctuations that do not exist in the Latin alphabet are used in many letters in order to truly reflect the phonetics of language.

We provide Irish translation and interpreting services at Transistent. We offer industry-specific solutions in this language for tens of international companies that are experts in their industry.

Not sure if you have the correct Irish translations? We can get your Irish translations checked by native Irish editors thanks to our quality control services. We check many elements from grammar errors to the fluency of text and increase the quality of your translations with our editing services.

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Irish Translation Services

Documents Translations

Documents to be used for official authorities must be translated efficiently. We provide certified and notarized translation services with our translators that have sworn translator certificates.


We work with expert certified translators based on the type of content you request in the translation of your official Irish documents. We eliminate errors such as missing figures, amounts, misspellings before delivery thanks to special tools developed specifically for this purpose in the control of content.


Translation services we provide are as follows:

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Albanian Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services


Apart from our interpreting services provided by more than 500 experienced and educated interpreters, we also offer simultaneous equipment support in interpreting.


Thanks to our broad interpreter network across the world, you can request interpreting service from Irish to tens of languages. Courts, hospitals, immigration offices, meetings, symposiums and conferences are the main areas of interpretation.


Interpreting services we provide:

Get the best prices for Irish lingual services in only a few minutes!

Irish Mobile App Localization


Mobile apps with multiple language support always have higher download figures as compared to their competitors. Because use in native language is one of the factors that affect user experience positively.


By localizing your apps to the target market languages, you can enable them to be popular among the local users in a short time. You can even enable your product to be accepted more rapidly by adapting the promotion and advertisement activities you conduct for your mobile app to the users in the target market.


At Transistent, we have provided support to many international companies with our localization services in the process of opening up to new markets. Websites, e-commerce sites, games and software as well as digital marketing contents are included in our localization services.


You can immediately get a quote from our team for localization services.

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You may get information about your project whenever you want thanks to the client portal.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Irish editors.
At Transistent, project management teams work to respond to your requests as soon as possible.

Digital Marketing and Creative Services


We offer content creation and localization services in line with the preferences and expectations of the target group aimed at digital marketing activities. Extend your circle by offering your ads, promotion and marketing contents in the language of the target group!


You can use our content creation services for your social media accounts or blog pages. Thanks to our experienced translators and content production teams in the field of digital marketing, we have been successfully supporting our customers for creative translation, international SEO and content localization needs.

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