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Bengali Translation Services

Professional Bengali translation, localization, and editing services

One of the top 5 most spoken languages in the world, Bengali is an official language in both Bangladesh and India. Bengali has 60 letters in its writing system and is also a syllabic language.

Highly aware of the complexities of this language with its deep-rooted literary culture, we provide professional translation, localization, and quality control services in Bengali through our network of native linguists.

So if you’re looking for English-Bengali or Bengali-English linguistic services, look no further!

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Bengali Linguistic Services

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Bengali Translation Services

We work with native Bengali linguists for all our Bengali translation projects. These are specialized in different fields, so that we can deliver high-quality translations in many sectors.


And when it comes to delivery, we can turn projects around quickly due to the latest technology equipment that supports our team. From literary texts to legal and technical translations our expert team only delivers the project after it has undergone a quality assessment to ensure complete accuracy.


Our Bengali translation services include the following domains and texts:

Transistent stands out from the crowd, covering you for up to $50,000 worth of losses with its translation insurance.
We provide fast solutions with the help of artificial intelligence and machine translation.
Our Bengali interpreting services and translation projects are all provided by native Bengali linguists.
Meanwhile, we have the privacy infrastructure to ensure that your data is in good hands.
And if that wasn’t enough, our translation and client management systems give you real-time access to your projects, so you can see how they’re progressing.

Bengali Interpreting Services

Thanks to our extensive network of translators, we work with translators who specialize in Bengali interpreting. We meet your interpreting requirements for meetings, conferences, symposia besides renting equipment for events that require interpreters.


We can instantly put together an expert team of interpreters based on your requirements. In just a few minutes you can get a free quote to benefit from quality interpreting services at competitive prices.

Albanian Interpreting Services

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Armenian Localization Services

Localization Services

Bengali includes many different dialects. However, the most well-known are Rarh, Banga, Kamarupa, and Varendra. These dialects differ in terms of both phonetics and intonation.


That’s why we provide region-based localizataion services for our Bengali projects. Our localization specialists analyze whatever texts you have – whether it’s literary documents or multimedia content – keeping the target audience in mind.


You can also use our localization services for digital publishing. From websites to software and e-commerce, you can get the Bengali localization services to suit your needs.


Our Bengali localization services:

Industry-based solutions

At Transistent, we provide special and comprehensive solutions to meet your specific needs. We facilitate communication processes for companies with our expert industry-oriented linguists in the Bengali-Turkish and English-Bengali language pairs.


At the same time, our collection of tailor-made translation memories and termbases allow us to provide faster solutions and transfer our proven quality to future projects. No wonder we’re the agency of choice for scores of leading companies in different fields!


We offer Bengali linguistic services in the following industries:

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