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Visual content localization

The visual elements make your messages more understandable and memorable.

With technological progress and digitalization, we encounter more and more visual content in all areas of life. Deliver your message to your target audience with our professional localization solutions in all languages and all areas where you need to localize your visual content!

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Using Visual Content

Visual images are the most effective way to learn, store, and remember information. Research shows that 80% of people remember what they see and 20% remember what they read. While only 20% of what has been heard is retained in memory.

Content shared with visuals on social media is viewed 94% more!

Information from visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than information from written content!

Understanding visual content takes place in one tenth of a second!

The message is found even more convincing when visual and textual content are used together!

Although the use of visual content differs depending on the context, visual content is a very important and economical communication tool in every field. For this reason, the majority of communication in advertising and marketing takes place through visual content.

Get professional visual content localization services at good prices!

Visual content localization

For multinational companies and multilingual global brands, it is vital to speak the same language as potential buyers to deliver their products and services to the global markets, make company-internal announcements and perform training programs. Localization at this point is the service through which your messages reach the target audience in the most accurate and effective way.

What is visual content localization required for?

  • Localization of visual content in training booklets and their design
  • Localization of visual content in user manuals and product catalogs and their design
  • Localization and design of printed advertising and marketing content such as posters, billboards, ads, and brochures
  • Visual localization and design of digital marketing tools such as social media, infographics, blogs, and websites
  • Special visual localization and design services for restaurant menu

Benefit from our professional multimedia services in all areas where you need visual content localization, delivered through our experienced desktop publishing and design team, and our network of over 2500 linguists who are experts in various fields!

Your questions

What is visual content localization?

Visual content localization is the process of translating any textual content on a visual or adapting the visual’s itself to increase engagement with the target audience.

What content types are localized under visual content localization services?

Visual contents play a vital role in content marketing campaigns or while delivering a message effectively. Messages communicated through visual sources are usually more persuasive, attractive and easy to digest. Visual content types that need localization most are images, videos, infographics, presentations and screenshots.

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