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DTP Services

Benefit from our professional desktop publishing solutions for translations in their original format at the best prices!

Desktop publishing is a specialty field that complements the visual elements of written translation. Our graphic design and desktop publishing specialists support you with fast and high-quality services.

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Professional Desktop Publishing Services

Whether you need them in printed or digital form, our desktop publishing services mean that we can deliver your translations in their original formats. For global brands and companies operating in the international marketplace, it is important to create content in the same format in all languages.

Many formats such as books, brochures, and user manuals have their own visual design requirements. Our Desktop Publishing Department makes sure that all your documents are transferred into the digital environment and then gets your completed translations ready for printing and performs final visual checks.

We are at your service with our desktop publishing experts for all visual processes, such as preparing pages for translation, dimensioning of graphics, and preparing translations in the same format in the target language.

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Some of the desktop publishing software and formats we use:

MS Word0%
MS PowerPoint0%
Adobe Illustrator0%
Adobe Freehand0%
Adobe Photoshop0%
MS Excel0%
Adobe Acrobat0%
Adobe InDesign0%
Quark Express0%

Fast and Quality Service

Fast and Quality Service

Experienced Specialists

Experienced Specialists

accessible 24/7

accessible 24/7

100% customer satisfaction

100% customer satisfaction

Translation Fields that require Desktop Publishing

Marketing Translation

Retail Translation

Technical Translation

IT translations

Industry Translation

Medical Translation

Financial Translation

Food Industry Translation

Insurance translation


Translation of legal documents

Your questions

What does desktop publishing (DTP) mean?

Desktop publishing is the process of creating digital documents ready for printing or electronic distribution by using computer and desktop publishing software. The most common document types created are PDFs, email newsletters, electronic books, slideshows, brochures, fliers etc.

What are the software used for desktop publishing?

The most popular software used for desktop publishing are Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat, Illustrator, Photoshop. These tools are usually used for more professional purposes and offer a wide range of functionalities. There are also some other software such as Microsoft Office suite which can be quite helpful for creating documents for everyday use.

What does desktop publishing professionals do?

Some of the main responsibilities of DTP professionals are:
– Designing marketing documents such as brochures, fliers, posters and ads.
– Designing print documents such as annual reports, catalogs.
– Designing and preparing books for print.
– Creating and designing e-books, booklets, magazines, newsletters.
– Designing presentations and slideshows.

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