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Latvian Translation Services

Professional translation, localization, interpreting, and quality control services.

Latvian is a Baltic language which is spoken by nearly 2 million people. Latvian is written with the Latin alphabet, however 33 letters are used. The closest language to Latvian is Lithuanian spoken in Lithuania which is also a land neighbor to Latvia.

We offer professional Latvian translation services at Transistent with our more than 2500 translators. We provide lingual services within a wide range including quality control, desktop publishing, localization and content creation as well as translation and interpreting.

We take customer satisfaction as our basis with our ISO 17100 and ISO 2001 quality certificates and work with leading companies in their industry. You can contact us for 24/7 to take advantage of our competitive prices.

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Latvian Translation Services

Latvian Translation Services


We deliver your files notarized or certified for official documents that you want to use in Latvia. You can contact us for tens of language pairs such as Latvian-English and German-Latvian.


We offer quality translation service rapidly and with fair prices thanks to our team supported by the most up-to-date translation technologies.


With our dedicated teams for each project, we translate files with terms specific to field such as law, medical, and technical completely and accurately to the target language.


Translation types we provide are as follows:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
Albanian Interpreting Services

Experienced Interpreting Teams


We ensure you have an excellent communication with your Latvian speaking partners. We work with educated and experienced interpreters in Transistent interpreting services.


You can request interpreting for meetings, symposiums, hospitals, live broadcasts and courts. You can also request information about the translator that will work for you.


Interpreting services provided:

Get the best prices for Latvian lingual services in only a few minutes!

Open Up to The World of Latvia


We offer localization services for companies that seek to enter new markets through our localization experts and experienced project coordinators. Contact us for your multilingual localization projects for websites, mobile applications and software.


You can also reach your target group in their own language by using digital marketing effectively. At Transistent, we carry out content creation services in line with SEO as well as digital marketing localization services.


We ensure that you reach your target group in their native language thanks to our localization solutions. By doing this, we help you increase your sale rates by enabling ease of use and communication in systems such as e-commerce where direct interaction is present with clients.


Other localization services:

Danish Translation Editing
With our quality control activities, we only deliver the files once we are certain of their quality.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
Artificial intelligence assisted machine translation systems enable you to get reliable and fast results.
Your files are in good hands thanks to the infrastructure we have built for privacy and information security.
We can respond to all your requests with over 2500 experienced translators.

Latvian Industrial Translation Solutions


Thanks to our industry-oriented approach, we set up translation teams based on the translation needs of industries. We serve in line with the need of industry-leading companies with our translator staff that are experts in tens of industries such as aviation, automotive, tourism, health, food and education.


Contact us to get Latvian translation services from experts in the industry and receive information.

Latvian Industrial Translation