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Belarusian Translation Services

Belarusian localization, translation, interpreting, and editing services

Belarusian is an Eastern Slavic language spoken not only in Belarus, but also Russia and Ukraine. The number of native speakers of Belarusian is estimated at being around 6 million. UNESCO defines Belarusian as a vulnerable language.

The reason behind this is that only 11% of Belarusians can speak this language actively. Ukrainian, Russian, and Belarusian are all quite similar and speakers of these languages can communicate with each other.

At Transistent, we understand what makes Belarusian unique and therefore have a network of native Belarusian linguists through which we deliver professional high-quality translations. Besides translation and interpreting, we also provide localization, multimedia, and quality control services.

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Arabic Translation Memory Management

Translation services provided by native Belarusian linguists

At Transistent, we collaborate with over 2500 linguists, including native Belarusian linguists, to deliver high-quality translations. Besides being native, they are also specially assigned according to requirements of your project.


Our translation services cover a wide range of areas, such as notarized translations, and commercial, medical, literary, academic, and technical texts. And before delivery, all of our translations undergo a quality control process.


Our Belarusian translation services include the following domains and texts:

Transistent stands out from the crowd, covering you for up to $50,000 worth of losses with its translation insurance.
We are also proud to be the first translation company in Türkiye to take advantage of artificial intelligence-powered machine translation technology.
We only work with native linguists for our Belarusian translation projects.
Our team consists of experts in various fields, from digital marketing to desktop publishing, all dedicated to making your project the best it can possibly be.
And thanks to our translation and client management systems, you can get real-time information about how your project is progressing.

Belarusian Interpreting Services

Are you looking to work with native linguists of Belarusian for your communication needs?


We are ready to help you communicate everywhere, from business meetings to hospital wards, through our interpreting services delivered by native Belarusian linguists.


Plus, besides a range of interpreting services, including consecutive, whispered, over-the-phone, and simultaneous interpreting, we also have simultaneous interpreting equipment that you can rent. Contact us for more information.

Belarusian interpreting services

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Albanian Sectoral Translation

Unfailing accuracy with industry-oriented translation approaches

At Transistent, we have adopted an industry-oriented approach. Through our experienced team of linguists who have excellent command of the terminology used in the target industries, we provide linguistic services in various fields from finance, education and energy, to trade and insurance.


Transistent creates translation memories and termbases for each client and has the management system to ensure that this infrastructure is available to you for future translation projects. That’s why Transistent is the translation agency of choice for leading companies.


We are also highly aware of how important a corporation’s documents can be. For this reason, we deliver projects to our clients only after the necessary quality assessment and proofreading processes have been completed.

Why choose Transistent?

We have delivered successful projects into tens of different languages through our experienced Belarusian translators and editors. The quality of our services is assured by our ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 certifications.


Transistent has made significant investments in information security. We have integrated the latest technologies into our security system to avoid even the smallest data leakage.


We won’t deliver any document to you before assuring ourselves of its quality. Translations are only delivered to our clients once they’ve been approved by our experienced editors in our quality control process.


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