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French localization, notarized translation, quality control services

Spoken by about 274 million people, French is the official language of 29 countries. It is spoken in West and Central Africa, Madagascar and Canada very commonly as well as in Europe.

At Transistent, we offer translation services in tens of language pairs including French-Turkish and English-French. We facilitate clients’ management of translation requests thanks to our client portal.

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French Translation Services

Experienced Teams in Translation


A dedicated team is set up for each project at Transistent. Because content of the written documents or texts is different in technical terms.


Therefore we offer French translation services with our translator team specialized in tens of different fields such as legal, technical or medical.


By leveraging the latest technological developments in our translation processes, we increase the quality of translation even further and reduce the delivery times.


Some of the fields of translation we offer:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
Albanian Interpreting Services

French Interpreting Services


Would you like to work with professional interpreters? You may receive interpreting service from the most suitable interpreters for your needs thanks to our network consisting of more than 2500 interpreters.


Contact us to welcome your native French guests in the best way, ensure quality communication in multilingual organizations and get service in French for phone or video calls.

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French Website Localization


There is a fast and cost-efficient way to reach your target group whose native language is French: Multilingual websites.


Thanks to your multilingual website, you can attract visitors that search the Internet in their own language, or enable your target group to reach your company using social media and search engine ads.


We localize your sites broadcasting with very diverse content types such as corporate, e-commerce or blog in accordance with the requirements of target market and by taking the user preferences into account, with our teams consisting of experienced translators in website localization services.


During the localization process, we provide support related to processes such as language codes compliant with SEO activities, meta descriptions, visual descriptions, SEO titles and key word searches as well as translation of text contents.


Other localization services:

Website Localization Services
We offer a translation insurance coverage worth $50,000 USD in French translations.
ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 sertifikaları ile kanıtlanmış kalite.
Rapid solutions thanks to artificial intelligence assisted machine translation systems.
Your data is in good hands thanks to the infrastructure we have built for privacy and information security.
We provide services in all file formats.

Tourism & Hotel Management Translation Solutions

Would you like to work with translators experienced in the tourism and hotel management industry? We offer high quality translation service in all contents including technical terms with our translator staff specialized by industries.


We provide quite a wide range of translation services in Tourism & Hotel Management industry such as marketing, travel and accommodation.


With our offices in Türkiye and Germany, we are the translation service provider of many companies that operate in the field of tourism. Get a quote immediately for us to serve you for your French translation needs with our experienced team.

French Tourism Translation

Why Choose Transistent?

Fast Solutions

By following the latest technological developments for increasing speed and quality in translation, we offer privileges for our customers such as artificial intelligence assisted machine translation and client portal.

Latest Technologies

We always work with the most up-to-date technologies from simultaneous equipment to security software. At Transistent, we offer client and supplier portals that operate in integration with our translation management systems so as to maintain communication with both our translators and clients.

Preferred by Leading Companies

We deliver the translations of our clients after subjecting them to quality control processes. Transistent establishes long-term collaboration with industry-leading international companies thanks to its quality and client-oriented business approach.

International Memberships

We are a member of international organizations, such as ATA, GALA, and ELIA. We follow activities of such institutions at international level and ensure that our service quality is at industrial standards.


Canadian French localization, translation-interpreting, notarized translation services


Spoken mainly in the province of Quebec as well as East Ontario and New Brunswick broadly in Canada, Canadian French is the second most commonly used language in Canada. You can contact us to receive translation service from Canadian French to tens of languages thanks to our +2500 translators.


We provide localization services for your mobile applications, websites or software in Canadian French, which is the second most commonly used language in Canada. Furthermore, we eliminate the language barrier in meetings, symposiums, courts and conferences with consecutive, simultaneous, whispered and over-the-phone interpreting services.


Using our quality control services, we review your Canadian French translations in terms of grammar, misspelling, use of wrong terms and inconsistencies, eliminate the potential mistakes and thus increase the quality of text. We work with experienced translators in fields requiring expertise such as medical, commerce, legal in our translation services.


Canadian French translation types:

Notary Persian Translation

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