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Arabic Translation Services

Professional localization, translation, and interpreting services from Arabic to tens of other languages

The fifth most spoken language in the world, Arabic is a pluricentric language with over 30 dialects. This high number of dialects is partially a result of the vast geographical area of the Arab world.

Spreading from the Arabian Peninsula to North Africa, Arabic is the official language of 26 countries. Translation and interpreting services from linguists who are native Arabic speakers are most commonly needed for travel, trading in this vast part of the world, or immigration processes.

At Transistent, in addition to our translation services in Modern Standard Arabic we collaborate with professional linguists who have native knowledge of other dialects including Egyptian, Gulf, and Saudi Arabic. That’s why you can rest assured that we’ll provide Arabic linguistic services with the highest levels of accuracy.

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Arabic Localization Services

Albanian Localization

Egyptian is an important dialect of the Arabic language spoken by around 64 million people. Egyptian Arabic is highly influenced by the Coptic language, which is the most recent form of Ancient Egyptian.


Hence why it differs from Modern Standard Arabic both in phonetics and grammar. For this reason, we work with specialized Egyptian Arabic linguists for all our Arabic translation services intended for use in Egypt.


Gulf Arabic is a dialect of Arabic that is widely spoken in Eastern Arabia and the Persian Gulf and continues to grow in significance. It is mostly concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.


Gulf Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic differ in the way they are pronounced and their grammars. The phonetical differences in particular stem from the Persian influence in the region.


At Transistent, we provide localization and interpreting services through our expert linguists who are native speakers of Gulf Arabic.


The Levantine dialect is spoken in an area that spreads from the north of the historical region of Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean coast. The mother tongue of more than 32 million people, the Levantine dialect dominates in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine.


Levantine Arabic is the dialect of Arabic that has been most highly influenced by other languages. It is divided into two sub-dialects: Northern and South Levantine. It is therefore of great importance to know the target country and audience before starting localization projects in Arabic.


Maghrebi Arabic is spoken in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. Maghrebi is therefore taken as the standard for requests that target these countries. This dialect has been particularly influenced by Italian, French, and Spanish.


We provide professional localization services in the right dialect of Arabic to make sure that you can be understood in these countries.


Saudi Arabic is very similar to Modern Standard Arabic. Saudi Arabians also speak Hejazi, Najdi, Gulf, and Southern Arabic.


However, although the region is host to a huge variety of dialects, Modern Standard Arabic is the language often used by the press and the official language of education.

Arabic Translation Services

Translation Services

At Transistent, we provide translations from Arabic to tens of other languages. We offer competitive prices for notarized or notary certified translations of legal documents.


We also have the experienced linguists needed to provide fast and quality translation services for specialized texts.


Our written translation services include:

Arabic Translation Memory Management
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Albanian Interpreting Services

Arabic Interpreting

We provide Arabic interpreting services with linguists who are native speakers in the right Arabic dialect for your needs. You can use our interpreting services for conferences, phone calls, meetings, seminars, and symposiums.


We are able to organize interpreters for your event in a short period of time thanks to our professional translator and interpreter network and thus help you communicate with your guests or partners in their mother tongue.


Our interpreting services include:

Translation insurance coverage of up to $50,000
ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality certificates
2,500+ specialist and experienced linguists
Data security infrastructure
Translation and client management systems

Arabic Quality Control Services


At Transistent, we are able to deliver up to 30-40% more accurate Arabic translations than our competitors. That’s because our quality control department consisting of DTP specialists and editors ensure our texts are free of typos, omissions, inconsistencies, and grammatical mistakes, delivering flawless translations.


Our quality control services include:

Arabic Translation Quality Control

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