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Turkish Translation Services

Professional translation, proofreading, interpreting, digital marketing and creative services.

Spoken by about 90 million people, Turkish is written with the Latin alphabet. Letters that do not exist in the Latin system such as “ö”,”ü”,”ğ”,”ç” demonstrate the characteristics of language. Turkish is an agglutinative language with vowel harmony. Unlike Latin languages, there is no gender in this language.

We offer quality and professional Turkish translation services at Transistent, an affiliate of EDU Language Group. We deliver results with proven quality under the certificates of ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 to our clients in each translation project.

It is quite easy to get a quote for the translation service you need. We offer our quote in Turkish services in just a few minutes. We also have the infrastructure that can work on all file formats. We deliver your files the way you desire.

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Turkish Translation Services

Notarized Translation Services


We offer notarized translation services with our sworn translators at Transistent. We quickly provide notarization in files that must be delivered to official authorities. We provide services for tens of language pairs such as Turkish-English and Arabic-Turkish.


We serve with our language teams consisting of experienced and educated translators in Turkish translations. By working with over 2500 translators, we produce solutions with high standards in all industries and different terminologies.


We prepare the documents required for immigration services in due format. You can perform your immigration applications within a very short time in Türkiye or in other countries where we serve.


Translation services we provide are as follows:

Notary Persian Translation
Danish Simultaneous Translation

Interpreting Services


We produce solutions based on your needs in interpreting which is a type of simultaneous translation. We serve all your translation needs in Turkish with experienced translators.


We ensure that the most accurate interpreters work for you in the fastest way in spoken translations. You can get a free quote for interpreting services provided with competitive prices.

Get the best prices for Turkish lingual services in only a few minutes!

Turkish Localization Services


We offer localization services for companies that want to enter the Turkish market. We offer localization services for websites, software, mobile apps, video games, digital marketing contents, and e-commerce sites.


In our special language teams, we get support from different departments consisting of SEO specialists, developers and designers. We aim to increase the return rate of localization projects in the shortest time possible.


We also provide term bank creation and management services for companies that want to reach large masses with localization. Term bank creation activities serve as a dictionary for subsequent projects.

Armenian Localization Services
We offer the most rapid solutions with translation and customer management systems.
Our quality is proven by ISO 17100 & ISO 9001 certifications.
We provide services in all file formats.
Quality control services are provided by native Turkish editors.
We care about safety. Your information is safe with us thanks to our most advanced software and experts.

Quality Control Services


All kinds of translation documents including academic papers, literary texts and technical translation are reviewed by our editors that are experts in the relevant field. We deliver your projects with high quality once the potential mistakes are corrected.


You can get texts with proven quality thanks to Turkish editing and proofreading services.


We also offer translation memory creation and management services as part of quality control services. In this way, you can request your completed projects from us again retrospectively.


Quality control services we provide:

Albanian Translation Quality Control
Albanian Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing and Creative Services


We enable you to open up to the world by using the power of international SEO. We produce innovative solutions with our experts that have comprehensive knowledge of international SEO and help you to reach your potential customers.


We provide multilingual and SEO-compliant content creation with our experienced editors as part of our digital marketing services.


With transcreation services, we deliver projects as brand-new contents adapted to the culture of the target group instead of using translation services only. You can contact us to get more information about transcreation.

Why Choose Transistent?

Industrial Perspective

At Transistent, we approach Turkish language services through an industrial perspective. We are at your service with our translators who have comprehensive knowledge of technical terms in all fields of the industry, trade law and even key information about the target group. We enable excellent communication between the translation teams set up based on the dynamics of each industry, clients, employees, partners and official authorities.

Proven Quality

Our ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality certificates are the greatest indicators of our quality approach. Over 2500 translators are educated and experienced in different industries.

Target Group Oriented Solutions

We understand how important each file we receive is. It would be right to say that you need more than translation especially in digital marketing or localization projects. In website localization processes, we ensure that translations are in line with the language of the target group as much as possible by using keyword and target group analyses.

Latest Technologies

We have introduced the artificial intelligence based machine translation service to our clients as a first in Turkey. Thanks to the integrations we offer, you can easily share translation documents in all formats in our translation management systems. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry by attending international translation seminars every year. We use the information we get regarding new technologies to facilitate the work of our translation staff and communicate with our customers in the most efficient way.


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