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Automated Machine Translation

Up to 50% speed and cost advantage through high-quality machine translation!

Here at Transistent we have the answer: artificial intelligence-powered machine translation, quality and automation services that will lower costs, make delivery times shorter and increase the efficiency of translation processes!

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High Quality Machine Translation

Thanks to our well-trained and experienced machine translation and quality assurance teams, we ensure that you receive high-quality translated output by integrating machine translation into human translation and creating a hybrid production. We implement quality procedures that comply with industry standards and attain the targeted and standardized quality results.

At Transistent we have all the experience, know-how, and competency required to set you up with the most recent advances in translation technology. Let Transistent show you what technology can do for you and be #YourAccessToTheWorld with speed and cost advantages of up to 50%!

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How does machine translation work?

We process translation memories consisting of source and target texts separated by specialization areas with machine learning algorithms and create specific translation engines. Trained with these algorithms, the engines, which are actually software, learn to translate automatically by processing texts in the relevant language pair loaded for translation. In this way, we achieve successful results in terms of speed and quality in automatic translation of content, especially with similar sentence structures and styles through machine translation engines.

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Get a quote now to take advantage of our faster and more affordable machine translation solutions for your larger translation projects!

Advantageous Machine Translation Solutions

Thanks to our translation engines powered by artificial intelligence, we can obtain highly efficient results, making speed and cost savings of up to 50% compared to human translation. You can then receive the machine translation in its raw form, or run it through a post-editing process to make it indistinguishable from human translation.

We currently have machine translation engines in seven different domains. You can choose one of these, or we can create new translation engines customized to your needs.