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OCR (Optic Character Recognition)

Place your printed documents in a digital environment with our high quality optical character recognition solutions!

Thanks to our desktop publishing department and the special OCR technologies we use, we convert your printed documents into text format in a digital environment.

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Professional Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

In order to deliver your translations in their original format, we are at your service with our desktop publishing department consisting of professionals using the latest technology solutions.

Thanks to our special OCR technologies, we transfer your printed documents into the digital environment in text format without rewriting them! By making printed texts digitally editable in different programs, we achieve faster and higher quality results in literary processes such as translation and editing! We speed up the work thanks to the technologies we use, especially for large translation projects.

The OCR solutions we offer at Transistent apply to printed documents in all formats. By aligning the digital document’s font with that of the original document, we deliver your projects in either print or digital format.

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OCR solutions in all languages

OCR solutions in all languages

Secure cloud storage archive

Secure cloud storage archive

Fast and quality work processes

Fast and quality work processes

Professional service

Professional service

Areas where we offer OCR solutions

Transfer of source text to computer for book and literary translations

Converting official documents into texts in a digital environment for legal translation

Converting correspondences, invoices and contracts into digital texts for commercial translation projects

Transfer of industry-specific contents, lists, catalogs, and manuals into a digital environment for retail translation

Converting publications such as educational materials, books, tests, and articles into text format in a digital environment for academic translation

Converting documents such as prospectuses, instruction manuals for medical devices into digitally editable texts for life sciences translation

Transfer of new editions of books, valuable historical books and documents, applications, petitions and forms and all kinds of printed texts into a digital environment

Your questions

What is OCR?

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition. OCR is a technology that enables the conversion of uneditable or non-searchable documents such as scanned files, PDFs or images into editable and searchable form.

Where is OCR used?

The most common use case for OCR is converting uneditable printed documents into machine readable texts. When a paper document is scanned to have it in digital form, it usually needs to be OCRed to processs it digitally using the software such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs or any other tools for document editing. OCR is also commonly used for the recognition of handwritten texts, indexing documents for search engines, data entry automation etc.