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Information Technology & Electronics Translation

Computer-based information systems can be divided into the categories of software, hardware, electronics, and any equipment related to data storage and processing. Would you like to take advantage of our professional information technology and electronics translation services for the best prices available?

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All you need to know about information technology and electronics translation.

As a consequence of the current wave of globalization and the digital revolution, information technologies are now an integral part of our daily lives and every sector, without exception. Information technology and electronics are helping to reduce production costs across the board, encouraging competition in the global arena, and increasing efficiency and quality. Consequently, the translation of texts in this field requires extra care and attention as there is no room for error.

Information technology, which is divided into different service categories, namely, software, hardware, and equipment, has begun to receive ever more attention in the Web 4.0 era. But due to its very nature, the slightest error in the translation of information technology texts can lead to faulty applications, and disruptions to systems and business processes on a global scale.

Information Technology & Electronics Sector Interpreting

What to look out for when translating information technology texts?

The translation of texts in the field of information technology should be undertaken by experienced professionals who are familiar with the relevant terminology. Otherwise, errors in translation may result in extra costs, cause disruptions to your business processes, or even damage your reputation. Whereas correctly translated and smartly localized texts can give you an edge on the international market.

At Transistent, we translate IT texts from a whole range of different sectors and disciplines with our team of experienced translators, software and design experts, project managers, and editors who can deliver your project in any format you need.

Information Technology & Electronics Sector Translation

Which sectors use IT technologies?

Information technologies are used by all sectors that have computer-based business processes and use electronic infrastructures. These include the engineering sector, defense and security, advanced technology production, health and life sciences, the automotive industry, telecommunications, the food industry, finance, retail, imports and exports, marketing and media, and games and entertainment, to list but a few.

Global tech giant Asus, Türkiye’s telecommunications giants TTNet and Türk Telekom, and software brands such as Logo and Amadeus are just some of the customers who rely on us for their IT translations.

Turk Telekom
Logo Software

What kinds of IT texts do we translate?

Network and systems management processes

Memory management software

Computer-aided design and production software

Geographical information system texts

Telecommunication system texts

All kinds of software-related texts

Product user and installation manuals

Technical hardware texts

Content related to graphics, design, and image processing technologies

Computer and operating systems content

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